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  • Gluten-Free S’mores Cake Pops

    Gluten-Free S’mores Cake Pops

    November 29, 2022

    Ingredients 1 Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free chocolate cake mix ½ cup unsalted butter 250g Wholesome Sweetener organic icing sugar 1 tbsp a2 milk 1 tsp pure vanilla extract 1 bag Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolate chip minis 2 tsp Goodness Me!  organic coconut oil...

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  • Gluten-Free Ginger Molasses Cookies

    Gluten-Free Ginger Molasses Cookies

    November 29, 2022

    Ingredients ⅔ cup Wholesome Sweeteners organic cane sugar ⅓ cup Wholesome Sweeteners organic light brown sugar ¼ cup Wholesome Sweeteners organic blackstrap molasses 1 egg ⅔ cup Goodness Me! organic coconut oil, softened 2 cups Bob's Red Mill gluten-free all-purpose...

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  • Granola Berry Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars

    Granola Berry Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars

    August 31, 2022

    Serves 9 Granola Base Ingredients: ⅔ cup almond butter ¼ cup Goodness Me! maple syrup ¼ cup applesauce 2 tbsp grass-fed milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 cups gluten-free organic oats Pinch of sea salt Greek Yogurt Filling Ingredients: 2...

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  • Raspberry Coconut Popsicles

    Raspberry Coconut Popsicles

    June 29, 2022

    Satisfy your summer sweet tooth with these easy, naturally sweetened, homemade popsicles. Ingredients: 1 cup organic raspberries  1 ½ cups Goodness Me! coconut milk  1 tsp vanilla   4 tbsp Goodness Me! maple syrup   3 oz popsicle molds of your...

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  • Zesty Lemon Chia Pudding

    Zesty Lemon Chia Pudding

    May 4, 2022

      Watch the video here! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Goodness Me! NaturalFoodMarket (@goodnessme_naturalfoodmarket) Chia Seed Pudding: 5 tbsp chia seeds 
1 ½ cups Almond Breeze almond milk, unsweetened 2 tbsp Goodness Me! maple syrup 
1 tsp...

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  • Pucker Up Lemon Tart

    Pucker Up Lemon Tart

    May 4, 2022

    This tart is a simple recipe for all baking levels! A tasty tart to entertain your guests with a creamy, fresh flavour, or serve yourself a slice any time of the day! Tart Shell Ingredients: 100g King Solomon medjool dates...

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  • Lemon Crinkle Cookies

    Lemon Crinkle Cookies

    April 14, 2022

    These lemon crinkle cookies come together quickly! Mix, chill, roll into balls, and bake! This recipe is a quick and easy win for all baking levels. Ingredients: ¾ cup Good Eats almond meal  2/3 cup Good Eats coconut flour  1...

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  • Curried Ginger Sweet Potato Soup

    Curried Ginger Sweet Potato Soup

    October 14, 2021

    Wheat Free • Gluten Free • Dairy Free • Vegetarian • VEGAN' I invented this soup for some family members who were staying at my house. It was so well liked by the adults and the children that I made...

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  • Mexican Black Bean Dip with Sausage

    Mexican Black Bean Dip with Sausage

    August 11, 2021

    This is a great dip to bring to parties or for get togethers for the big game. It is a nice variation from your typical nacho dip. You can serve it with veggies to dip, or with a grain-free cracker or...

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