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  • Pink Latte

    Pink Latte

    February 10, 2022

    Warm up with this cozy pink latte! Packed with probiotics, we use Organic Traditions Beet Latte as a base, then add maple syrup for a healthy sweetness and collagen for an extra healthy boost!  Ingredients: 1 tbsp Organic Traditions Beet Latte...

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  • Curried Ginger Sweet Potato Soup

    Curried Ginger Sweet Potato Soup

    October 14, 2021

    Wheat Free • Gluten Free • Dairy Free • Vegetarian • VEGAN' I invented this soup for some family members who were staying at my house. It was so well liked by the adults and the children that I made...

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  • Mexican Black Bean Dip with Sausage

    Mexican Black Bean Dip with Sausage

    August 11, 2021

    This is a great dip to bring to parties or for get togethers for the big game. It is a nice variation from your typical nacho dip. You can serve it with veggies to dip, or with a grain-free cracker or...

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  • Berrylicious Unicorn Bites

    Berrylicious Unicorn Bites

    April 13, 2021

    Ingredients: 1-1/2 cups unsulfured shredded coconut (reserve 1/2 cup for coating) 1 cup rolled oats or quick oats 2 scoops Genuine Health's fermented organic gut superfoods kids 8-10 medjol dates, pitted  1 cup blackberries, fresh Optional: 1 tbsp coconut butter,...

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  • Cabbage & Seed Salad

    Cabbage & Seed Salad

    March 8, 2021

    Serves 6-8 Gluten-free | Dairy-free | Vegetarian | Vegan A nutrient upgrade! Soak your seeds in water with one teaspoon of coarse unrefined salt for four hours, drain, and add to the salad. 4 cups red cabbage, thinly sliced 2 cups green...

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  • Roast Chicken Two Ways

    Roast Chicken Two Ways

    March 8, 2021

    Serves 6-8Gluten-free | Dairy-free This tasty chicken with a delicious herbal rub can be roasted in the oven or slowly on the barbecue while still maintaining its moist and flavourful goodness. Buy the best chicken you can find, and use...

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  • Garlic BBQ Salmon with Maple Syrup & Tamari

    Garlic BBQ Salmon with Maple Syrup & Tamari

    October 1, 2019

    3 cloves organic garlic, minced 1/3 cup tamari 1/3 cup maple syrup 1/4 cup water 2 Tbsp. toasted sesame oil 1/4 cup organic cilantro, finely chopped (optional) 3 salmon fillets   Whisk all ingredients except salmon together. Place salmon fillets...

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  • 4 DIY Lattes

    4 DIY Lattes

    June 27, 2019

    Four DIY Lattes MCT Matcha Milk Latte 1 cup of coconut milk 1 tsp matcha powder 2 tsp hot water (not boiling) 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1 scoop Nutiva Organic MCT Powder 2-4 drops stevia (optional) Add matcha and hot...

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  • The "Secret" Mother Sauce

    The "Secret" Mother Sauce

    June 27, 2019

    The “Secret” Mother Sauce A 10-minute tomato sauce that you can add to ground beef or vegan crumble for a quick Bolognese, or olives, capers, garlic and parsley for puttanesca. INGREDIENTS: 2 tbsp coconut or grapeseed oil 1 medium onion,...

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