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All Hail Kale Salad with Toasted Pecans & Goat Cheese

All Hail Kale Salad with Toasted Pecans & Goat Cheese

Kale is such a powerhouse vegetable, and is the perfect alternative to mixed greens or lettuce when it comes to a salad. It's loaded with a number of vitamins, like vitamins K, C, and A, and also has good fibre content to keep things moving along. It's a very low-calorie vegetable, but is so nutrient dense, alkalizing, and energizing. 

When you're using kale for a salad, it's always a good idea to wet it a bit and massage it to help make it softer and nicer to chew. It takes a few extra minutes but is so worth it.

Our All Hail Kale salad is packed with ingredients you're going to love. Kale, of course; toasted pecans, for that delicious crunch and dose of healthy fats; dried cranberries for the perfect complimentary sweetness; and crumbled goat cheese for a smooth, creamy taste. The dressing is simple and made with three staple ingredients: balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and herbamare. This is an easy, quick, and delicious salad to throw together that truly takes minutes, though tastes like it may have taken hours.

Plus, it's gluten free and vegetarian! Of course, if you want to make this a main dish, you could add another minor protein to complement the pecans and cheese, or top with a bit of chicken. Enjoy!

All Hail Kale Salad with Toasted Pecans and Goat Cheese

5-6 cups kale, finely chopped
1 cup toasted pecans
1 cup dried cranberries
1/2 cup crumbled chevre


1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp Herbamare 

Combine dressing ingredients in blender or immersion blender. Combine salad ingredients and toss with dressing.

Recipe by: Sandy Pomeroy 

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