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Celebrating Local, Canadian Companies

Celebrating Local, Canadian Companies

Our great country has so much to offer. We thought we would celebrate Canada Day by showcasing some of our favourite Canadian products... a few of them might surprise you!  

From the west to the east, Canada is a beautiful country. With mountains and plains and ocean coasts, there's something special about Canada no matter where you travel. Each area has unique traditions, unique people, and unique food practices. We have the pleasure of taking the best from all areas and offering our customers truly amazing Canadian products. High quality, locally made, and proudly Canadian. And did you know Goodness Me! started locally, too? Our first small store was in Hamilton, Ontario run by Janet and Scott Jacks—and we’re still family-owned, Canadian, and run in local communities like yours.

Check out some of our favourites below, or ask a staff member when you're in a Goodness Me! store about more of our Canadian, or local, products. We even have displays in every Goodness Me! highlighting some local products to that store. You'll find some that are made minutes away, and some that travel far from our friends out east and west. Try a few of them and be proud to support Canadian businesses!

1. Georgian Bay Granola Company: This company was started by Sheila Hannon just four years ago in 2012. Produced locally in Parry Sound, Ontario, Georgian Bay Granola can now be found in stores and markets across the province. What makes it so awesome? It's simple, it's organic, and it's delicious. Plus, it's naturally sweetened with honey or maple syrup--no sugars added. Try the Sugar Bush Maple, Coconut Mango Bliss or Honey Bee Crunch granola, delicious on its own or with yogurt or fruit. You'll be hooked!  

2. New Moon Kitchen Cookies: Vegan and made with organic spelt flour, these cookies are lovingly made in Toronto, Ontario. We have carried New Moon for many years--because our customers love them. Free of dairy and egg and with no preservatives, these cookies are soft and chewy, delicious, and the perfect treat. New Moon is dedicated to making a quality, Canadian product. Check out the line at any Goodness Me!  

3. Filsinger's Organic Apple Butter: This is a delicious unique product that once you try, you won't want to go without. Apple butter is just what it sounds like--butter with a hint of apple. It's naturally sweetened and has no sugars or sweeteners added. Filsinger's is proud to be a uniquely Canadian organic company, and produces a line of fresh apple products out of Ayton, Ontario that you can't deny. Their apple butter is great on toast, crackers, pancakes, or in baked goods.  

4. MyLifeEssence Personal Care Products: MyLifeEssence creates real body care products using carefully selected, pure, natural, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients. They are a plant-based company and all of their products are vegan and vegetarian. In fact, their products are hand-made with love and gratitude in small batches, guaranteeing high quality items that do what they’re supposed to do with the cleanest ingredients possible. We carry a range of their products from moisturizing body butters to lip balms to bath salts. Check them out!

5. Always Bearded Beard Care Products: This company was brought together by two common denominators: a beard and a hashtag. They posted a single bearded selfie with the hashtag #alwaysbearded, and these products were born from that hashtag. They make all natural, handmade, top quality beard care products that are made in small batches by hand. They have beard balms, creams, oils, and even moustache wax. Perfect for that bearded man in your life!

These are just 5 of our favourite Canadian or locally made products. We have so many more in store! Be sure to check out our new LOCAL displays at every Goodness Me! to see what local product’s we’re highlighting this week. We love showing our community and our country some love – join us by supporting local Canadian companies!

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