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5 Healthy Fats that Will Help You Lose Weight

5 Healthy Fats that Will Help You Lose Weight

We’ve got 5 fats for you that are not only healthy, but will help you lose weight!   By the way, if you really want to lose weight, and make healthy choices, stay accountable to yourself through our regular email health tips. Sign up here!  

The world of fats is a confusing one. Are they good for you, or harmful? What constitutes a healthy fat? What are the benefits of fats? Before we dive into 5 fats that will help you lose weight, let’s take a look at Janet Jacks’ opinion on fats—that might help dispel some myths you were once told.  

“Let’s face it. Fats have been vilified as the enemy of our health.  Misunderstood, criticized, challenged, and wrongly implicated, fats have been blamed for the current rise in modern maladies.   They have been indicted for crimes they did not commit, and help responsible for everything from the obesity epidemic to the prevalence of cholesterol problems. Cutting them from the diet will surely help resolve it all… or so they say.   But before addressing those concerns, be sure that falling in love with fat will not only be delicious and pleasing to your palate, not only satisfying and safe, but also provide more benefits to your health and vitality than you can imagine. In fact, fats are the next building block required to restore yourself to glowing health. You will be amazed at how they make you feel.”  

That excerpt is taken from Janet’s best-selling book, Discover the Power of Food. This book has an entire chapter dedicated to healthy fats that will answer all of your questions. You can purchase it online or at any Goodness Me! store, or you can get it for free when you sign up for our ten week Lifewatchers course.  

For now, though, know that fats are healthy for you—if you choose the right ones. Janet says, “Done right, fat will heal you, help you, restore you and energize you in ways you cannot imagine”. Let’s look at 5 healthy fats that will help you do just that!  

Butter & Ghee  
Wait… butter? Isn’t butter bad for us? That’s what the margarine-manufacturers had us believe, but butter is actually very healthy for us. It’s a stable saturated fat, making it safe for cooking and baking, and is a source of important short-chain fatty acids that have many benefits. It tastes better, and it is better, than margarine! However, if the heat is too high, look to ghee for your cooking purposes, which is clarified butter. Ghee is a very healthy fat that is great for sautéing or frying. It has many healing properties, as well, that make it beneficial to include in your diet.  

Whole Fat Dairy  
Again, this might come as a surprise. We’re often told to follow a low-fat diet, especially when it comes to dairy products. However, when a dairy product is made “low-fat”, the real whole fats are extracted, which gets rid of the flavour in that product. What is the flavour replaced with? Most often sugar, artificial flavours, and other sweeteners—none of which are healthier than the real fat.  

Full-fat dairy products have benefits that low-fat dairy products just can’t offer us. For example, the fats in whole fat dairy help to reduce the insulin response after eating, which prevents insulin overload. Insulin is your fat-storing hormone: making less means storing less fat. Full fat dairy products also help curb cravings, increase satiety, and balance blood sugars, so that you feel and are more stable after you eat, making your food last longer. And guess what? Both of these things help you become more satisfied with your food, which in turn encourages weight loss.  Enjoy your healthy full fat dairy products for these and more benefits!  

Did you know avocados are technically a fruit? And they should very much be a part of your daily diet! Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids, and also are chock full of protein, fibre, antioxidants, and potassium. Fibre and protein in one food = a satisfied appetite and balanced blood sugar, which means you won’t be reaching for another snack in a half hour. This helps curb snacking! You can also get the benefits of avocados through avocado oil, which is great for cooking or dressing salads.  

Almonds & Almond Flour  
Nuts and seeds in general are amazing sources of healthy fats, and make very nourishing fats. Almonds are packed with healthy fats, protein, fibre, antioxidants, and flavonoids, making them a well-rounded, healthy food. Best of all, you don’t need a ton of almonds to reap their benefits of feel satisfied. Just a handful will do!   A

lmond flour is ground blanched almonds, and can be used in baking instead of grain flours. Many wheat flours cause inflammation, bloating, or blood sugar spikes—all things that are not great for your waistline. Switching to almond flour means you’re using a flour that’s packed with nutrition, with none of those nasty reactions. In baked goods, it’s often combined with things like eggs, providing a snack or meal that keeps you satisfied for hours. Make the switch!  

Hemp Hearts  
Hemp hearts have a delicious nutty flavour that complements almost any dish. They are great sprinkled on salads, yogurt, in smoothies, or incorporated into a granola or trail mix. High in protein, EFAs, and fibre, they provide all the building blocks we need for a healthy food and balanced blood sugar, which helps keep our appetite at bay. Every meal should incorporate healthy fats—hemp hearts are an easy addition to make sure you accomplish this!  

To learn more about healthy fats and how to incorporate them, check out Lifewatchers or Discover the Power of Food to get all your questions answered and to unleash the power that food has.  

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