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4 Natural Solutions for A Healthier Thyroid

4 Natural Solutions for A Healthier Thyroid

When your thyroid is struggling, so many cell functions struggle, too! Yet thyroid problems are extremely common, often undiagnosed, and seldom treated optimally.   How can you assess your thyroid?  
  1. Symptoms – when you see a few key symptoms, such as feeling cold, depression, unrelenting dry skin, thinning hair, and constipation, it is wise to consider whether the thyroid might be to blame. One naturally-oriented physician feels that simply wearing socks to bed because of cold feet is a strong signal to address thyroid issues!
  2. Temperature – The thyroid regulates temperature, so checking your basal body temperature can be a good way to determine whether it is working optimally. Lower than 97.8 or 37.5 degrees C first thing in the morning can mean a sluggish thyroid. Your cells aren’t ‘firing up’ as they should.
  3. Blood tests – Your TSH may be in the ‘normal’ range, but not necessarily in the ideal range of 1-2. As your TSH rises, it means your thyroid is under-responding. As well, you may not be converting your T4 to the active form of T3 that works at the cell level.
  Thyroid-quote   How can you support your thyroid, and thereby your cell function?  
  1. Nutrients – You need tyrosine and iodine, among other things, to make thyroid hormone. ThyroSense is a combination of these and other important nutrients and botanicals that help you:
  • make thyroid hormone
  • convert T4 to the active T3
  • use it more efficiently at the cell level.

 You can take ThyroSense to support a sluggish thyroid. You can also take it along with your thyroid medication, helping you convert it to the active form so you can use it better at the cell level. Two tablets in the morning are recommended.  

2.  Toxicity – The thyroid does not thrive in a toxic environment. Eat a clean diet of wholesome foods full of nutrients and trace minerals to reduce your total body burden. Goodness Me! has an abundance of great choices! Also include magnesium – a supplement our diets lack – to help your liver detoxify and also alleviate constipation, if present, to reduce your toxic load.  

3.  Stress – Your adrenals steal the lion’s share of the resources when you are stressed. Too much cortisol means too little thyroid hormone. Also, stress interferes with T4 to T3 conversion. Double the trouble! Magnesium is needed to reduce stress and heal the adrenals. Magnesium also aids sleep, restless legs, anxiety, depression (common in hypothyroid), and more…all helping lower your stress. Note that OrthoAdapt comes in a vegan formula also  

4.  Also include OrthoAdapt to specifically enhance energy, restore healthy adrenal function and thereby allow thyroid function to normalize. As you increase stress resistance you will reduce, avoid or delay the effects of burnout after extreme stress. Take twocapsules in the morning, and two later in the day. You can use this with magnesium and ThyroSense, as well as with your thyroid medication if you take that.   Take action today!  

  1. Diet is the foundation. Maximize your intake of real, nutrient-rich foods. Goodness Me! can help you find them.
  2. Add the specific nutrients that will enable your thyroid to function better:
  •   ThyroSense to help you make thyroid hormone and use it at the cell level.
  • Magnesium for toxicity, insomnia, stress, depression, and tired adrenals.
  • OrthoAdapt to help support your adrenals so they no longer interfere with the proper functioning of your thyroid gland.
  “The power to change your health is in your hands, and the time to do it is now. Create your own success story – and enjoy the journey!”

                                                                                                                                   Janet Jacks

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