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Our Top 6 Oat Product Picks - You'll Love 'Em!

Our Top 6 Oat Product Picks - You'll Love 'Em!

This week, we’re celebrating the humble oat at Goodness Me! It’s a staple in many products and recipes, and we’re going to highlight our top 6 oat picks for you to try—and none of them are plain oats or oatmeal.  

First of all, why should you include oats in your diet? Oats are rich in dietary fibre and minerals like manganese, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. They are a heart healthy food that also balances blood sugars by keeping your appetite satisfied for longer. Plus, they are so easy to us when making your own recipes! From muffins, pancakes and oatmeal in the morning to granola bars, snacks, and even a binder for burgers or facial treatment, they are versatile and delicious.  

At Goodness Me!, we carry a whole range of products that include the mighty oat. Sure, we have the usual suspects like rolled oats, oatmeal, bars with oats, and granola, but we also have some unique products that make the oat shine through. Check out our top 6 and try one the next time you’re shopping—you might be surprised at how much you learn to love the oat! 

Dream Oat Milk: You might have tried almond milk, coconut milk, and maybe even hemp milk, but how about oat milk? Deliciously creamy and made from a blend of fermented oats and water, Dream Oat Milk is a great addition to your morning routine in your smoothie, coffee, cereal, or on its own. It’s dairy free, a great source of fibre, high in calcium, and a source of vitamins D2 and B12. Try delicious oat milk today!  

Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour: This gluten free flour option is milled from the purest gluten free oats grown on some of the best fields in the world. It’s an excellent flour to use for gluten free baked goods and adds wholesome nutrition, and a delicious oat flavour, to any product. From cookies and pancakes to brownies and bread, this flour is versatile and eat to use. Check out our Pumpkin Oat Pancakes for a delicious fall taste that uses this great product!  

Modern Oats: Modern Oats provides delicious on-the-go breakfast alternatives for when you’re rushing out the door and want to avoid greasy fast-food “breakfast” options. Available in a variety of delicious flavours like Apple Walnut, Goji Blueberry, and 5 Berry, each blend is packed with the goodness of oats plus nuts, dried fruits, and coconut. With a good amount of fibre and protein in each cup, it’s a balanced breakfast or snack! All you have to do is shake it up, cover the oats with boiling water, put the lid on, let cook for 3 minutes, and enjoy!  

Crate 61 Oatmeal Shea Soap: Okay, so we wouldn’t suggest you eat this one… but it’s going to make your skin feel amazing! This soap is as nourishing as it gets with moisturizing shea butter and olive oil, as well as natural essential oils. The oatmeal flakes add a gentle exfoliant as well, helping make your healthy skin shine through like never before. Check out this amazing soap from Crate 61, and their other options to keep you looking, feeling, and smelling amazing.  

Clef des Champs Green Oat Nerve Tonic: So you might have known that oats are a good source of fibre, but did you know they can help lesion your anxiety and stress? Traditionally used as a tonic to calm and regenerate the nervous system, Clef des Champs Green Oat Tincture can help you with fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, and general unease. It’s certified organic and quick and easy to use.  

Celebration Herbals Oatstraw Tea: Similar to the tincture above, this tea is made from the tops of the oat grass when the seeds are milky white. Enjoying a cup of this tea will help you when you’re feeling stressed, tired, and run down, but it’s also known to increase libido in both men and women. It’s perfect as a general nervous system tonic as well, so the next time you’re having a stressful day, make yourself a cup of this and enjoy the soothing effects.  

For more great oat products, check out our selection at our online store here, or ask about the oat at any Goodness Me! location and join us in celebrating the oat!

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