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6 Secrets to Boost your Brain Health

6 Secrets to Boost your Brain Health

We’re sharing our top 6 secrets for success when it comes to boosting your brain power. More concentration, more energy, more brain power, more happiness—in just 6 easy steps.

You may not want not think about school just yet, but how about focusing on your brain health? Your brain regulates every function in your body, stores your memories, helps you succeed, and holds the key to your personality and temperament. We think those are all amazing reasons to keep the brain in tip-top shape. We’ve got some great ideas that will improve mental fitness, brain activity, and a healthy mind. The side-benefit? You’ll be able to tackle the new school year with more brain power than you can imagine, making it easier and more fun to get back into routine. Whether you’re in university or a parent getting a child ready for school, our 6 tips below will give a major brain boost and make school a breeze. Not heading back to school? It’s still a great time to give your brain a little TLC with these natural secrets for success.

  • Healthy Fats: Did you know the human brain is made up of about 60% fat? It’s no surprise, then, that being deficient in fat will affect your brain function, memory, focus, and ability to think clearly. Ensuring you get enough healthy fats through your diet (nuts, seeds, avocado, healthy oils like coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil) will literally fuel your brain with energy. We’re also big fans of fish oil for some extra EPA and DHA, essential fatty acids necessary for brain activity and cognitive function. Check out some of our favourites.
  • Probiotics: A healthy gut makes a healthy brain. The gut flora, and the condition of your digestive system, directly impacts things like mental health, clarity, emotion, and mood. In fact, 90% of our serotonin (happy hormone) is made in our gut. Keep your gut healthy, and everything will fall into place! Probiotics are a great way to help keep your gut and brain healthy. Find one that’s right for you or ask at any Goodness Me! location.  
  • Antioxidants: The brain is vulnerable to the damaging effects of free radicals, and antioxidants help to fight free radicals and prevent oxidative damage. Therefore, antioxidants protect your brain! Alpha lipoic acid is the most important one to focus on, and one of our favourites is Natural Factors, but you could also try something like Progressive Phytoberry for an array of antioxidants and nutrients to combat brain aging and give a major brain boost.
  • B Vitamins: This family of vitamins is crucial for brain and nerve function. They help memory improvement and function, help your brain use carbohydrates and protein, and lower risk of dementia and depression. Vitamin B supplementation is a great way to get some B’s, and a B complex like AOR’s Advanced B Formula is best.  
  • Ditch the sugar: You knew we’d sneak this in here somewhere… but for good reason! Refined sugars not only cause mood swings and hormonal upsets, but also decrease immune function and disrupt your nervous system. In fact, sugar consumption has been linked to conditions like ADHD. Eliminating sugar (and other processed, fried foods) will help you with memory, concentration, focus, and performance. Need some energy? Try a nutrient-packed greens drink like Genuine Health Greens+. it’s brain food at its best!
  • Breakfast: It really is the most important meal of the day. Having breakfast in the morning helps tell your circadian rhythms (your sleep and wake cycle) that it’s time to get up and get moving with the day. Without breakfast, you lack this vital component in getting your brain and body moving. A breakfast filled with sufficient protein, quality fat, and great fibre is the perfect way to ensure you’re fuelling yourself with brain food all day long. Try this delish smoothie recipe that’s easy to make in the morning and sure to keep you full!

Try these 6 key steps to boosting brain health and see how much easier, and more enjoyable, September is for you this year.

Hungry for more information on how to achieve mental fitness, concentration, mental performance, and overall energy? Click here to receive more great tips and tools.   

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Katie Mitton - March 1, 2016

Hi Janice, sunflower seeds supply generous amounts of omega-6 fatty acids along with small amounts of omega-3s. While we typically get too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3, sunflower oil is a much healthier source of omega-6 oils than the typical sources (vegetable oils, damaged fats, factory-farmed meats, and processed foods). Used properly, and added to a rotation of other healthy oils, it would make a healthy choice!

Janice Douglas - March 1, 2016

What do you think of sunflower oil? Is it a healthy choice?

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