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Salmon Gravlax with Dill Cream

Salmon Gravlax with Dill Cream

Salmon Gravlax with Dill Cream

Cured Salmon
• 2 sides sockeye salmon
• 1 lemon, zest
• 1 orange, zest
• 1 lime, zest
• ground pepper as needed
• ¼ bunch thyme
• ¼ bunch tarragon
• ¼ bunch parsley
• 1 cup coarse sea salt
• 1 cup organic cane sugar

Lay the salmon sides out on a sheet pan so they are not touching, skin side down. Zest the citrus and generously grind pepper evenly onto the salmon. Chop the herbs finely and mix, then spread evenly over the salmon. Mix the salt and sugar together and spread over the salmon. Allow the salmon to sit for 24-36 hours in the fridge. Under slowly running cold water gently rinse of salt and sugar. Remove any excess moisture with paper towels and wrap tightly. *Will keep wrapped for 5 days. When ready to serve, cut the cured salmon from the tail or thin end first. With a long thin knife held at a shallow angle cut the salmon as thinly as possible using a gentle sawing motion. Try not to cut though the skin. If that happens, trim the skin off the sliced salmon.

Dill Sauce
• 2 cups sour cream
• ½ cup Miller's 35% cream
• 1 whole lemon, zest and juice
• 1 tsp fine sea salt
• ½ bunch dill

Wash and spin the dill and then finely chop. Combine all ingredients and mix well. Serve with sourdough, bagels or rye crisps.

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