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June 25 Goodness Me! Podcast: Lavender for Depression & Anxiety

June 25 Goodness Me! Podcast: Lavender for Depression & Anxiety


 There is a new natural product on the market to help with mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Essential oil of lavender, taken orally in supplement form, has shown to provide a 50% reduction in anxiety or depression symptoms in over 60% of people. Learn all about this amazing new product by New Roots and hear the science behind it!

Janet also talks with the formulator of Santevia Water Systems about the important of clean water. Our body is 70% water, our muscles are 80% water, and our brain is 90%: it's no wonder water and hydration is so important! Learn about why tap water is not enough, and the difference clean water makes in your health.

Products Mentioned: New Roots D-Stress, Santevia Countertop Unit, Pitchers, Alkaline Sticks, Power Sticks, & Shower Filter


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