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Giving Goodness: Five Mindful Gifts Under $30!

December 05, 2017 2 min read

Giving Goodness: Five Mindful Gifts Under $30!

After you make your list and check it twice, you might notice a friend or family member who lovesall things healthy, natural, and eco-friendly. These loved ones, you may have observed from Christmases past, can be very hard to buy for! How can you actually surprise them this year, making sure everything you give will be something they both like and will want to use?

Look no further: here are five mindful gift ideas under $30 that will please the health-obsessed person in your life!


1. Sukin Signature 3 Step Facial Care

Price: $24.99 (regularly $27.99!)

Aloe Vera, Shea butter, avocado oil, and chamomile are just some of the gentle ingredients used in Sukin's complete facial care package. Start with the facial cleanser, move onto the hydrating mist toner, and finish with the amazing moisturizer for healthy skin! It's perfect for any skin type, and made from natural ingredients.



Sundhed Salt Lamp Small

    2. Sundhed Small Natural Salt Lamp

    Price: $18.99 (regularly $25.99!)

    What better way to show you love someone than getting them a big salt rock from Asia? Himalayan salt is a delightful pink, making it great for a unique soft-light lamp.

    It's not just for ambiance, though. These lamps are known to pull water molecules from the air when the surface is heated, and the salt goes into the water and neutralizes any positive ions and pollution, releasing neutralized molecules. This small salt lamp is perfect for any office or workspace, adding some peace of mind for those who want their atmosphere to be as peaceful and clear as possible!


    Grain-Free Goodness

      3. Grain-Free Goodness by Sandy Pomeroy

      Price: $26.99 (regular $29.99!)

      Know someone who's on a grain-free diet like Keto or Paleo? Know someone who wantsto get rid of grains? Whether they're starting out or have been eschewing bread for a long time, Goodness Me! head chef Sandy Pomeroy's book Grain-Free Goodnesscontains 125 original, delicious recipes perfect for everyone.

      Even if they aren't grain-free themselves, Grain-Free Goodness is also a great gift for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone who just wants to eat healthy with variety!

      Coco Natural Coconut Air Freshener

      4. Coco Natural Coconut Air Freshener

      Price: $15.99

      This Natural Coconut Air Freshener is the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person. It's natural, fragrance free, and made from biodegradable coconut activated carbon.

      Coco Natural air fresheners are perfect for any room or even the car. Don't worry - it looks too nice for the recipient to think you're telling them their home stinks.



      Goodness Me Bamboo Eco Friendly Mugs

      5. Goodness Me! Grey and White Bamboo Eco Coffee Mugs

      Price: $9.99

      For the coffee lover who hates the amount of trash three cups a day can leave, Goodness Me! has come out with two travel mugs made with eco-friendly bamboo! They have a fresh, natural appearance that will appeal to everyone.  

      If the person is near a Goodness Me!, they're in luck: the mugs also come with a free coffee!


      Steven Spriensma
      Steven Spriensma

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