Grain-Free Goodness Cookbook: Sandy Pomeroy - Goodness Me!

Grain-Free Goodness - Cookbook

Goodness Me!

Grain-Free Goodness is a healthy living cookbook with grain-free and keto-friendly recipes that use ingredients that nourish, heal, and come together to create indulgently healthy dishes. From delicious healthy-start breakfasts, appetizing snacks, savoury soups and sensational salads through to comforting mains and sides and decadent desserts, Grain-Free Goodness has a recipe for every day, every season, and everyone.

Whether you are looking for new grain-free recipes, looking for healthy alternatives to your everyday dishes, or are venturing out on a grain-free journey for the very first time, you are in store for a tasty trip through meals that have been in Sandy’s heart and on her table for years. So have a look, and let’s get cooking because eating healthier starts here! It’s time to dig right in…

Grain-Free Goodness includes:

  • over 125 of her favourite homemade recipes that are all grain-free
  • ketogenic, lifewatcher-friendly, vegan, and vegetarian recipes as well  
  • Sandy’s story: how she got into healthy living, how she started at Goodness Me!, and how the grain-free diet has helped her
  • the benefits of a grain-free and ketogenic diet
  • most importantly… DELICIOUS, HEALTHY, EASY, “I can do that” recipes!


Author Bio:

Sandy Pomeroy is a vibrant healthy living chef with a passion for cooking wholesome dishes that taste good and heal the body from the inside out. With over 20 years of experience as a chef, recipe developer, cooking instructor, and teacher for Lifewatchers, a 10 week healthy living program, she knows the ins and outs of healthy ingredients, their benefits, and how to use them together to create tasty dishes that change the way we view healthy food.

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