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A Better Brew

A Better Brew

The goodness of Planet Bean’s Coffee reveals itself in many ways, beginning with the most intimate experience – aroma and taste. On opening the bag of Planet Bean coffee, one will notice a rush of coffee aromatics that will stimulate the nose and tantalize the tastebuds. The coffee is roasted to order, which means it does not sit waiting in a warehouse getting stale. Only when an order is received from Goodness Me! is the coffee roasted and shipped. This allows the customer to experience the freshest coffee possible and to enjoy the warm greetings of fragrant aromas when they open the bag. To complete the process, one just needs to add water. 

Regardless of how the coffee is brewed—auto brew, French press, or espresso—there is a noticeable and profound difference with the freshness of the roast. The coffee is certified organic and is grown by small scale farmers in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, and Sumatra. These mostly Indigenous people maintain their land with care, and the cutting away of large forest areas is unnecessary since the coffee trees grow well in the shade. All this provides a safe place for many species, including migratory songbirds, and it protects biodiversity. 

Two coffee beans are found in each small cherry which is harvested ripe from the trees. These beans are separated from the cherries and washed with fresh water before being allowed to dry. They then arrive at Planet Bean green, hard and tasteless. They smell like grass, hay, or earth—like Jack’s famous beanstalk bean—unassuming, dense, even boring. 

Alchemy can be described as part science, part art, and part magic. Roasting certainly shares each of these characteristics. The art of roasting revolves primarily around the use of the senses. Planet Bean’s Roasters spend a great deal of time revealing the flavourful truth of each coffee origin. An “origin” describes the unique geographical place from which the coffee came. It is similar to the “terroir” in wine making. Each coffee origin has its own roast “recipe” that outlines the length and temperature of the roast. 

Single origin coffees are unique, the uniqueness can even vary in the beans from the same bush and from harvest to harvest. The alchemist roasters at Planet Bean find the point in the roast at which each single origin is at its peak flavour. A popular origin at Goodness Me! is the Dark French Roast from Chiapas, Mexico, grown by the Indigenous farmers of the Li Maya co-op. It is a lovely spicy-smoky-hickory bold tasting brew.

Blended coffees are created by putting various amounts of complementary single origins together. In the same way as one can enjoy either a brilliant musical solo or appreciate a rousing ensemble, both types of coffee brews are equally enjoyable, single or blended. 

Planet Bean began roasting coffee in 1997. They are proud to be a founding licensee of Fairtrade Canada which means that they have been treating farmers fairly for a quarter century. Their mission is to create the best tasting coffee possible and, through Fairtrade, link farmers and consumers in a meaningful way. Planet Bean is respectful of the many hands that touch their coffee – from the farmers who grow and harvest it, to the roasters, and on to the people who drink it. It is also a company that is owned by many of its employees through a worker co-operative. 

For the consumer who appreciates sustainability practices, Planet Bean is happy to report that they address 14 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Goodness abounds with the coffee offerings at Goodness Me!.

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