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Fall Time Feast: Five Favourite Autumn Foods

Fall Time Feast: Five Favourite Autumn Foods

Fall time foods aren't only for Thanksgiving. To ease into the cold weather and make the most of the freshly-picked autumnal offerings, cooking and baking a variety of nourishing, wholesome foods is a must!

Here are five must-tries this fall. Who knows, they might even become your new year-round faves!


Farmer's Market Organic Pumpkin

Organic Canned Pumpkin

Every day is the perfect day for pumpkin-based treats: sure, you've got your pumpkin spiced flavoured everything, but that's pumpkin spice: recipes like our Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf, and Pumpkin Crumble include the authentic taste of real pumpkin that will totally make your autumn!

Organic canned pumpkin is the key ingredient, giving a delectably moist texture and a delicate sweet-and-savoury flavour. Try it out! 


Gardein Turk'y

Any time is a good time for a roast, but what if you're looking for a delicious non-turkey turkey? Gardein has you covered with Turk'y, a non-GMO, plant-based, perfectly vegan alternative to meat that delivers as authentic a flavour and texture as you'll ever find. Slate even rated it the best vegetarian turkey option on the market!


Organika Bone Broth

Organika Bone Broth 

There's nothing like starting your day with a nourishing mug of something warm, especially when you're having trouble transitioning from sunny summer heat to chilly autumn weather. A delicious cup of broth is the ideal, but most of the time you just don't have the hours needed to boil a pot of bones. Organika takes the arduous task and makes it easy for you: their Bone Broth powder dissolves evenly and easily, perfect for individual mugs, soups, stews, or other broth or stock. They only use organic chicken, so there's no chance of any antibiotics or GMOs getting into your broth.

It comes in both unflavoured (pictured) and with ginger to add an extra deliciousness when drinking it straight.





This immune-boosting, digestive-helping, refreshingly-amazing fermented tea drink comes in a wide variety of flavours that are perfect for fall: Apple Pie, Asian Pear & Ginger, Juniper Mint & Myrtle... the tastes will just snuggle up and give you a big, delicious hug.

It's an excellent alternative to soft drinks, and can easily replace a bottle of wine at the harvest table for those who don't drink!



Simply Organic Spices

Simply Organic Bottled Spices

Remember how we said pumpkin is different from pumpkin spice? If you want to feed your PSL addiction and make treats that taste like fall, make sure you fill your pantry with Simply Organic spices. Their wide range of certified organic, non-GMO spices will add a lot of depth, colour, and flavour to your favourite harvest-time dishes.

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