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April 9 Radio Podcast: Natural Allergy Relief & The Importance of Protein

April 9 Radio Podcast: Natural Allergy Relief & The Importance of Protein


In this podcast, Janet talks with Naturopathic Doctor Lee Know, and Dr. Jacqueline Chan, PhD (pharmacology and physiology), about a new natural product for allergy prevention and relief: Innovite Allergy FX. Learn about the problems with antihistamines, the diet connection with allergies, and why Allergy FX really works.

Janet also talks with Dr. Stephen Weston about why we need protein. Are you getting enough? Are you getting too little? Learn about the mistaken myths of protein, how it affects blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease, and how much protein you should be eating for the ultimate health benefits. They'll also discuss Sun Warrior Classic Plus, a raw, fermented, sprouted, gluten free, hypoallergenic, high-in-dietary-fibre, low glycemic, blood glucose balancing, and over 80% pure protein powder with all 9 essential amino acids. 

Products Mentioned: Innovite Allergy FX, Sun Warrior Classic Plus


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