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NEW to our Goodness Me! Eatery

NEW to our Goodness Me! Eatery

We’ve got news for you – our Goodness Me! eatery has been churning out new delicious things for you to try. And so far, they’ve gotten rave reviews!  

In our Goodness Me! eatery and bakery, we are focused on providing you with prepared foods using ingredients of unparalleled quality at pricing that makes sense. This is our goal, day in and day out. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast, quick snack, light lunch or a hearty dinner for the family, we’ve got what you’re looking for when you’re hungry for healthy. And what’s even better is we’re always coming up with new recipes and items to better satisfy your cravings and tastebuds. We want to know what you like and what you’d like to see—just talk to us! You might just find your suggestion on our hot tray or in our salad bar next month.  

Packaged salads are a great option for a healthy meal on the go. We have lots of options, from our vegan Caesar Salad with mushrooms, roasted chickpeas, and a vegan dressings, to our ever-popular roasted vegetable and hummus salad. Two new salads have just joined the cooler family: our Chef Salad, made with free range, antibiotic-free chicken, free range hardboiled egg, chopped vegetables and organic spring mix; or our Greek Salad, complete with organic cucumbers and red peppers, black olives, feta, and a delicious Greek dressing. You’ll find both of these new salads in our prepared foods cooler, along with many other options!  

When it comes to meals on-the-go, nothing beats a smoothie. It’s blended fresh in front of your eyes with real, whole food ingredients you can trust. No artificial colours or flavours, no sugars or artificial sweeteners added—just chock full of good food that will give you energy and power you up for the day. Whether you’re a fan of our Runner’s Express, Skinny Berry, Chocolate Monkey, or love our classic Lifewatchers smoothie, we’ll blend it up for you on the spot. And for those days when you need a little extra energy, we’re now offering a NEW 24oz size to keep you going all day long.  

Before you leave our eatery department, make sure you check out our bakery where some of our staff and customer favourites live. Like our rich chocolate brownie with decadent ganache, all made with gluten free ingredients; or our cookies, baked fresh in house every day with gluten free and vegan options. We’ve just added a new S’mores flavour cookie to bring back the days of summer, even when it’s cold outside. This delicious cookie is vegan and made with marshmallows and chocolate—it really does taste like summer!  

These are just a few of the new additions you’ll see on our eatery shelves. Plus, we’re in the process of making our hot trays self-serve to offer you endless meal combinations, new food options, and personalized options. Some of our stores have already switched over—watch for it at your nearest Goodness Me!  

The best thing about our eatery foods is that everything is made in our Goodness Me! kitchens. It’s all real food, made by real people. All our foods are 100% free of MSG, preservatives, and artificial flavours or colours. To give you an idea of just how much we care about the ingredients we put into the quality food we are making for you, check out our eatery standards below and know that when you stop by our eatery, you’ll be enjoying food that you can feel good about.  

  • Our meats and poultry are naturally raised, nitrate-free, and antibiotic-free
  • Our fish (salmon and tuna) are wild caught and sustainable
  • Our tofu, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, apple juice, and black soy beans are certified organic—as is our quinoa, chick peas, brown basmati rice, coconut, spelt flour, cornmeal, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds
  • For oils, we only use extra virgin olive and grapeseed
  • In the bakery, we use butter, olive oil, and red palm oil—no shortening or margarine, ever
  • Our flour choices are always spelt or organic unbleached wheat flour (or a gluten free blend for our gluten free baked goods)
  • Our salt is from the sea: the unrefined, mineral-rich kind
  • All water used is reverse osmosis filtered
  • For sweeteners, we use only honey, maple syrup, and cane sugar
  • We use as much certified organic produce as possible, with a focus on the dirty dozen
  • Our coffee is always fair trade and certified organic – and just 95 cents every day for 16oz
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