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Tired of Winter? Fire Up Your February with These 9 Tips

Tired of Winter? Fire Up Your February with These 9 Tips

Are you down on February? Does the thought of it make you tired and discouraged? It does not have to be so! Janet Jacks, founder of Goodness Me!, shares some tips to Fire Up Your February and keep happy and healthy all month long.  

I remain energetic and happy all month long with a pro-active lifestyle, and I share some of my own tips with you to make this February vibrant for you, too. Here are some of the healthy habits that keep me in good spirits and good health… even in February. Perhaps you can adopt a few!  

  • Generous amount of vitamin D3 – the sunshine vitamin – are important and easy to take all year, but especially in the dark days of winter.
  • I eat plenty of hearty, healthy fare to keep me warm, including lots of soups and warming spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, curry, and a touch of cayenne.
  • I start my day with protein. Not only does it keep my blood sugar and therefore my energy steady all morning long, but it also helps me make serotonin, the “happy hormone”.
  • I keep away from sugar, as it can drain energy and create a roller coaster of cravings all day long.
  • Three days a week, I get up early for a brisk morning walk, and I look for other ways – like skating – to keep active.
  • I make a thermos of organic green tea with several slices of fresh organic ginger each day and take it with me. Ginger is warming on a cold winter’s day, and I love the taste. It gets spicier as the day goes on.
  • An Epsom salts bath is relaxing, nourishing, and detoxifying… a great way to end the day.
  • I keep learning. It’s exciting and motivating!


So make a plan and fire up your February. We’ve got lots of special events and learning opportunities planned to brighten your day… and make your February a “Feel-Good” one.   And sign up for our email newsletter to get more tips for a healthy and vibrant winter!
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