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Easy & Quick Tips to Get More Energy

Easy & Quick Tips to Get More Energy

Let’s talk about energy. How’s yours doing lately? Existent, non-existent, ever evasive? All of us could probably use a little more energy, and we’ve put together a guide that will help you get there!

Our new Goodness Guide for Increasing Your Energy is out now, and it’s completely free. It has two articles by Janet Jacks, founder of Goodness Me!, as well as 4 recipes that will boost your energy and help keep it steady all day long. It’s also got some of the most common energy zappers, and some products that will boost your energy in no time. Head on over to get the guide now!  

One of the best things you can do to restore your energy to a healthy, vibrant level is to take our Lifewatchers course. It’s a 10-week course, just an hour and a half per week, and it takes you through practical, easy ways to enjoy real, whole, healthy food, and a healthy lifestyle. You’ll lose weight, gain energy, have better sleep, lower your risk of disease, lower cholesterol, possibly get rid of some medications you’re on, and just feel better. Countless times, people have exclaimed that they have SO much more energy after taking our Lifewatchers course. What are you waiting for? Experience what everyone is talking about! Learn more about our Lifewatchers course and sign up here.  

Now, more about those energy thieves. Here are the top ten things that might be robbing your energy throughout the day – how many apply to you?  

  1. Sugar
  2. Empty calories
  3. Damaged fats
  4. Dehydration
  5. Over-consumptive under-nutrition (eating too much of the wrong things)
  6. Shallow breathing
  7. Deficiencies of essential nutrients
  8. Lack of quality sleep
  9. Mental over-exertion
  10. Lack of relaxation and fun

Most people can check 5 or more of those off. If you see even one that applies to your life, our guide to increased energy can help you! Head on over to get the guide for free now, and start getting more energy today!

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Jacquie - March 1, 2016

This was an interesting article. Do you have the new article “Makeover Your Mood: 10 Helpful Tips” on your website? I would love to send it to my daughter.
p.s.: love your recipes, too.

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