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Why You Should Drink Lemon Water Every Day

Why You Should Drink Lemon Water Every Day

Today, we’re going to celebrate the mighty benefits of the humble lemon! If you haven’t already jumped on the lemon-loving train, we’re going to give you some reasons why you should.  

One of the first things we ask people to do in our Lifewatchers course (which is our 10-week healthy living course) is to start their morning with a glass of lemon water. Use some room temperature water, squeeze some fresh lemon into it (or use organic lemon juice) and sip it first thing in the morning—before your smoothie, before your coffee, before anything. There are so many reasons why you, too, should take up this practice!  

For one, lemon water is detoxifying. It helps the body flush out any toxins and aids the process of eliminating waste products from the body. In fact, it even can help prevent diarrhea, making your bowel movements easier. Starting the day with a little detox is never a bad thing, especially since our livers are always so overburdened. Plus, by “breaking the fast” with lemon water, you’re giving your body something that’s easily digested and gentle on the stomach, getting your digestive system and metabolism revved up in the right way. Give yours a break with a glass of lemon water each morning!  

Lemon water can also help to boost or maintain your immune system and function. So, if you want to avoid the clutches of the colds and flus that are hovering around, power up your immune system with lemon water each morning. It also plays the role of a blood purifier.  

Worried about your pH levels, or know that you are more acidic than alkaline? Lemon water can help you here, too. Lemon water helps to balance your pH, since lemons are one of the most alkaline produce items. By starting your day with lemon water, you set your pH on the right track from the get-go, which impacts so many other functions in the body.  

It’s energizing and refreshing, too, likely to lemon’s high nutrient and mineral content. Lemons are a rich source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. Calcium and potassium are both electrolytes that your body needs, especially for things like heart health and nervous system function, and vitamin C plays so many roles in the body, one of which is immune-system strengthener. Plus, having lemon water right in the morning will help to wake you up! The tangy sweetness of lemon livens your taste buds and makes you alert and ready to take on the day.  

There are many other benefits of incorporating lemon water into your day—for example, some people say that lemons help to reduce the look of wrinkles and promote skin health. Others apply lemon juice to their hair to make it brighter. However, we think one of the best ones is just the act of improving detoxification, digestion, elimination, immune system function, and pH levels. All that, from just one glass of lemon water a day. Are you converted yet?  

If the idea of squeezing fresh lemons each day is exhausting, pick up a bottle of organic lemon juice to keep in your fridge. One of our favourites is Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice—check it out. This will keep you going for months!  

If you’re looking for other ways to enjoy lemon each day, try our Detox Salad with Lemony Dressing—so good! Or, make up a cup of our Detox Juice, which has other detoxifying ingredients in it as well and is perfect to enjoy and give your body a detox break. Give yourself a treat with our Creamy Lemon and Berry Parfaits, or make pasta healthier with our Penne with Zucchini and Lemon. However you enjoy it, start reacquainting yourself with lemons. It’s well worth it!

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Dorothy Meyer - May 31, 2016

Looking forward to your posts and tips as I continue on my journey with “Goodness Me”

Katie Mitton - March 1, 2016

Hi Rebecca, I am not too familiar with crystallized lemon, and my guess it that it wouldn’t offer the same benefits as the fresh, whole stuff, but I can’t say for sure without knowing exactly what it is. Do you know the ingredient list?

Rebecca - March 1, 2016

Does crystallized lemon offer the same benefits?

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