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Meet Our Lifewatchers Instructors!

Meet Our Lifewatchers Instructors!

Lifewatchers is starting up again this month, and you still have time to register for a class at the Goodness Me! nearest you. Meet Anita Sauve, CNP, one of our Lifewatchers Instructors. Read what she has to say about how the program changed her life!  

Anita Sauve, CNP, NCP has been teaching Lifewatchers at Goodness Me! for over two years—two happy years, she says. Having always been interested in living and eating well, Anita has a private consulting practice where she specializes in food sensitivities.

After taking Lifewatchers at Goodness Me! and teaching a few free classes for us, she realized she wanted to do more. “I wanted to reach more people than I can possibly see individually in my practice,” she says. “I love to see the difference that making some simple diet and lifestyle changes can make to someone’s health, energy levels, and brain function. It is really inspiring to watch as people get motivated and learn the tools they need for the best lives possible.”  

Growing up with a mom who always had a garden, Anita has always known that good food is a solid foundation for a healthy life. However, she has also seen this in practice. She recalls after she gave birth to her son that she was always exhausted, didn’t sleep well, and was sick often. While her doctor told her this was normal for a new mom, Anita didn’t want to settle for normal. “I thought that there had to be something more I could do to feel better. After finding a wondering Naturopath and changing my diet up and supplementing a bit, I felt so much better. This eventually led to my holistic nutrition degree and my desire to help others achieve ideal (not just normal) health.”  

And that’s exactly what she does with Lifewatchers. Her students have so much benefit, including reduced blood sugars, more alertness and brain power, increased energy, decreased blood pressure, and decreased arthritis, eczema, and other inflammatory conditions. She especially loves watching her students gain the knowledge they need to lead healthier lives and see results for themselves.  

Best of all, following Lifewatchers and living well is easier than people think. “It’s must less difficult or time consuming than people imagine it will be. Almost all the food I make is quick and simple. This is what tastes best and preserves the most nutrition. I can usually make something great in less time than it would take to drive down to the store or restaurant.”  

Anita shares her healthy lifestyle with her husband and young son. Thanks to their vibrant and healthy life, all have experienced a reduction in allergies, better sleep, better brain function, and increased energy. She also notes that exercise is an important part of the equation because our bodies are meant to move. And this should be something that we enjoy doing, not something we dread. Hiking, cycling, walking, yoga, pilates, swimming, dancing, and weight lighting are all great ideas. “The combination of good food and movement will keep your body young and healthy well into old age.”  

Anita encourages everyone to try Lifewatchers. Whether you just want to raise the bar on your nutrition level or even if you’re struggling with a medical condition, Lifewatchers can help. “I truly believe that everyone can make positive changes and live a better life.  Read Janet’s book.  Try the Lifewatchers plan.  Take the course.  If more needs to be done then you can always find a good Nutritionist or Naturopath.  Get your food sensitivities tested.  Find ways to de-stress.  Learn to cook.  Spend more time doing things you love.  Good things will happen.”  

To learn more about Lifewatchers and to sign up, visit our Lifewatchers page today. Experience what everyone is talking about. What are you waiting for?  

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