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FREE SHIPPING Over $59 Ontario Wide
Do You Need to Detox? Take Our QUIZ!

Do You Need to Detox? Take Our QUIZ!

A detox is a great way to start your new year (or any time of year) off on the right foot. It helps clear your body of toxins, energize you, and get you on the healthy eating train. Do you need to detox? Take our quiz and find out!  

We've also just released a FREE guide on how to detox in a healthy, happy way. This new guide includes some detox-friendly recipes, information on why detoxification is so important, ways you can detox regularly, and so much more. Get it for FREE here!  

First thing's first: do you need to detox? We've put together a short quiz for you to take. If even one of these items sounds like you, you could probably use a little bit of a cleanse--the more that are applicable to your life, the more your body is crying for a detox! Take the quiz and then head on over to get our Detox Guide for free.  

Do You Need to Cleanse?

  1. Do you have difficulty sleeping and/or waking feeling refreshed?
  2. Do you need to lose weight?
  3. Do you consume less than 6 glasses of water daily?
  4. Do you eat processed, barbecued, or fried foods weekly?
  5. Do you experience constipation, diarrhea, straining, or abdominal pain on a weekly basis?
  6. Do you exercise less than 30 minutes, twice a week?
  7. Have you even been diagnosed with any serious illness such as diabetes, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, colitis, etc?
  8. Do you consume sugar or white flour on a regular basis?
  9. Do you consume excess amounts of caffeine, or have alcohol regularly?
  10. Are you exposed to conventional cleaning products, personal care products, or scented candles regularly?
  11. Are you exposed to electronic equipment such as computers, blackberries, live cameras, electrical wires, for more than 2 hours a day?
  12. Are you exposed to fumes from traffic, paint, chemicals, etc. on a weekly basis?

If you answered YES to 1 or more of these questions, you would benefit from doing a cleanse! Our FREE Detox Guide has enough to get you started. Or, come in and talk to one of our supplements staff members to find out how to continue cleansing regularly.

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