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5 Ways to Eliminate Your Cold Today!

5 Ways to Eliminate Your Cold Today!

We all know the feeling: itchy throat, congested nose, headache, maybe aches and fatigue. A cold must be on its way--but it doesn't mean it's here to stay. Read on to learn how to eliminate your cold in 24 hours!  

We just released a new FREE guide on Keeping Healthy During Cold & Flu Season. This guide has tips from holistic nutritionists, the best product recommendations, lifestyle changes you can make to avoid illness, and some immune-boosting recipes to keep you going. Click here to get this free guide!  

Now, let's learn how to combat that cold--today.  

A cold is a clear sign of a depressed immune system. Examination of  your lifestyle may reveal the culprit, be it lack of sleep or improper eating.  The moment you feel that scratchy throat or runny nose, you know that your body has already been fighting with all its resources for 24 - 48 hours and can do no more; the virus responsible has now escaped the body’s immune responses and is multiplying out of control: Take action immediately before the cold gains a stronger foothold!   You can eliminate a cold in 24 hours or less! Here’s how:  

  1. Recognize that the runny nose, scratchy throat, or other symptoms are your body’s cry for help.
  2. Use Healing Remedies. Take Ferr Phos every fifteen minutes to half an hour. Take Vitamin C, Echinacea or Anti-Viral, and aged garlic or AlliMax every two hours until you see an improvement, then every four hours for one more day or two.
  3. Use a Healing Diet. Eliminate all sugar. Eat lightly; fresh fruits and vegetables, soups, broths, soft boiled eggs and other easy-to-digest foods are good choices.  Drink lots of water, especially hot water with fresh squeezed lemon.
  4. Engage in Healing Activities. Get extra rest today if at all possible! Power breathe.  Take an invigorating walk, for fresh air and stress reduction.  Put off stressful activity if you can for a day or two.
  5. Extra Reinforcements: If you don’t see improvement by the next morning or sooner, add in these: Zinc Lozenges, Elderberry, Prairie Naturals Citrus Soother, among others.

Supporting Your Immune System
You have two ways your immune system is developed: your acquired immune system and your innate immune system. Your acquired immune system is created by coming into contact with a virus and letting your body deal with it naturally. Your innate immune system is one that you build and keep strong through diet, supplementation, and lifestyle.  

The Role Of Digestion
70-80% of our immune system lies in our digestive tract. This means that we need to keep our digestion healthy with no bloating, gas, or irregular bowel movements. We also want to avoid foods that are irritants and cause stress on our digestive system. Good stomach acid and proper balance of good bacteria (Probiotics) help to keep our digestion ticking and our immunity strong.   If you have trouble with digestion, you can use:

Foods to Avoid: sugar (this can include natural sugar)*, caffeine, pasteurized dairy**, wheat and flour products

Good Immune Foods: eggs, coconut oil, liver, sauerkraut, bone broths, sea salt, herbal teas, cod liver oil, organic seasonal vegetables  

*Sugar can suppress the immune system for 6-8 hours        *

* Dairy is mucous causing, and therefore should be avoided completely with any cold or flu   To learn more about how to strengthen your immune system and prevent illness, check out our Cold & Flu Guide here for free. It includes delicious recipes as well!

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