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5 Healthy Ideas for Happy Camping!

5 Healthy Ideas for Happy Camping!

If you're taking advantage of the last few weekends of summer by going camping or cottaging, we have your camping essentials mapped out for you. Don't forget these 5 ideas to make it a happy, healthy experience!  

1. Caboo Bamboo Sugarcane Biodegradable Toilet Paper: this unique toilet paper uses bamboo and sugar cane fibres instead of trees. Why? Both grow very quickly, and grow back within about 4 months. Compare this to the nearly 30 years it takes a tree to grow, and it's safe to say this is a much more eco-friendly, happier choice for camping (and every day life!).  

2. Prana Annapurna Mix: this trail mix gives you the best of the sweet and salty world! A blend of crunchy almonds and cashews, sweet cranberries, energizing goji berries, and mighty sunflower seeds, this mix will keep you going all day long--from the car ride to the campsite, to pitching the tent, to a fireside snack. Prana also has a number of other delicious fruit and nut blends to choose from!  

3. Dandies Air Puffed Marshmallows: no camping trip is complete with fireside marshmallows! Dandies are an all natural alternative to traditional marshmallows. Vegan and free of corn syrup, they are the first marshmallow to be non-GMO project verified. Why not go the whole 9 yards and get some delish chocolate and graham crackers for the perfect s'more?  

4. Mozi-Q: this is a brilliant homeopathic remedy to help heal and sooth bug bites. Completely natural and made without any chemicals, this remedy is safe enough to eat. Can you say that about other remedies? Safe enough for kids and adults alike! Don't let the mosquitos and pests ruin your summer camping trip--Mozi-Q will save you in a pinch.  

5. Green Beaver: biodegradable, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic, Green Beaver sunscreens are made from minerals and natural ingredients that naturally reflect the sun's harmful rays. Non-whitening and chemical free, you can feel good about using this organic Canadian product. Safe for kids, too!  

Include these summer lifesavers when packing for your next camping trip! Looking for more ideas on how to make your camping or cottage experience healthier? We have a range of camping-friendly recipes that are delicious and nutritious, like these yummy banana boats! Browse our recipe page for more delicious, easy ideas. Happy camping!

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