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Janet Jacks' 5 Essential Products for Summer

Janet Jacks' 5 Essential Products for Summer

Summer lasts for quite a while still, and we have lots to time to get some cottage weekends, beach days and backyard BBQs in. Here are Janet Jacks' top 5 summer essentials for survival--no matter where your travels take you!  

Bug bites? Sun burns? Scrapes and cuts? No problem. With Janet's summer survival kit, none of these nuisances will be able to ruin your sunny days. She used all 5 of these amazing products at her cottage vacation recently, and was so happy to have them on hand. Check out these great all natural products and tell us some of your own!   

BOIRON ARNICA: fast acting homeopathic remedy for all natural pain relief from sore muscles, swelling, or bruising. Perfect after a day of overzealous beach volleyball or any falls that might occur on that long hike! Check it out here.  

BOIRON APIS: another amazing homeopathic remedy. This helps to sooth bug bites and reduce any swelling or stinging. Too many mosquitos by the fire? Maybe a bee sting? This is your key to relief.  

LILY OF THE DESERT ALOE VERA GEL: we all know the wonders of aloe! If you've been in the sun too long or experience a sunburn, this amazing natural product is soothing for burns and red skin. That tomato look won't last long if you use aloe vera gel. Lily of the Desert has a whole line of products, making it easy to find one that works for you.  

GREEN BEAVER SUNSCREEN: you've probably heard about (or wondered about) the dangers of conventional sunscreens. They contain chemicals that can wreak havoc in our body. Instead, go natural with Green Beaver, certified organic and free of parabens and harmful chemicals. Plus, it's non-whitening and naturally protective. They even have ones for kids--check them out!  

AROMAFORCE LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: you've probably heard of the relaxing qualities of lavender essential oil ... but did you know it's great to use topically, as well? Add 4-5 drops to aloe to help sooth a burn, or use it directly on bug bites to reduce itch and help them heal. We recommend the Aromaforce Lavender Oil - which you can find here!

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