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6 Sunscreen steps

6 Quick Steps to Choosing a Healthy Sunscreen

1. Choose physical not chemical:  Sunscreens that use minerals as the active ingredients act as a physical barrier to reflect the suns rays.  Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the suns rays , creating free radical damage. Who wants more chemicals on them anyways?  

2. Avoid Nasty Ingredients like Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Paraben Preservatives. These ingredients can be hormone disruptors and have the potential to age your skin more quickly  

3. UVA & UVB:  Make sure your sunscreen has broad spectrum protection. Check the ingredients for zinc oxide to be sure you're getting proper protection.  

4. Higher SPF is not always better:  An SPF of 30 is usually enough for most people. Higher numbers often mean more nasty chemicals.  

5. Aloe, Aloe, Aloe: Ok this isn't suncreen but it sure helps when you forget to use it!  Make sure you get the purest possible aloe (99%). Expert Tip; Add some lavender essential oil for extra healing and burn relief.  

6. Here are some of my favourites - (Click Link)    

Emily Garyfalakis has been a part of Goodness Me! for 28 years, in fact she was born into it. Daughter of founder, Janet Jacks, Emily has a real knowledge and passion for healthy living, which is evident in the way she engages family, friends, and staff. Emily truly exemplifies a passion for learning and then sharing her knowledge. Keep an eye out for Emily in stores, writing posts, and occasionally co-hosting our podcast - Honest To Goodness!

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