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How Safe Are Your Personal Care Products?

How Safe Are Your Personal Care Products?

When we transition to a healthier lifestyle, the first two things we thinkabout changing are our diet and exercise program. Certainly, eating healthier with meals focused on whole, nutrient-dense foods, and getting the heart beating faster with some healthy physical activity are two amazing ways to kick start your health. Both of these actions will help you lose weight and inches, decrease cravings, sleep better, have better hair, skin, and nails, lower your risk of disease, increase energy, balance mood, increase your enjoyment of life… need I continue?

Okay, so you already know all of this, right? But there’s one thing people don’t often think about when they’re trying to live healthier: personal care products. This includes everything from makeup and lotions to shampoos, soaps, sunscreen, shaving cream, and facial care. Basically, anything you’re putting on your body. There’s an old saying that goes, “If you’re putting it on your body, you should also be able to put it in your body”… in other words, would it be safe to eat your personal care products? For the majority of conventional products, the answer is NO. You wouldn’t want to eat them, because you can’t even pronounce half the ingredients, and the other half contains chemicals, artificial fragrances, toxins, and other harmful substances that you certainly wouldn’t want anywhere near your body…so why are we putting these things on our skin?  
The solution: switch to natural personal care products. You can start small. Every time you run out of a personal care item, whether it be shampoo or deodorant or toothpaste or face wash, replace it with a natural or organic personal care item. When you choose natural or organic, you’re choosing products that are made with ingredients you recognize, like baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils, and are made without dangerous ingredients like parabens, phthalates, fragrances, toxins, and chemicals.  
If we don’t have you convinced yet, read on for some scary and eye-opening statistics about personal care items. Warning: once you read them, it’s hard to turn back!  
Only 20% of cosmetic ingredients have been assessed by a safety panel. 
61% of lipstick brands contain lead. 
81% of “hypoallergenic” or “gentle” baby products contain allergens that cause irritation. 
There are 3163 chemicals contained in “fragrance”, none of which need to be listed on the label. 
Women put an average of 168 ingredients and 12 products on their body each day; men put an average of 85 ingredients and 6 products on their body each day. What’s in them? 
A woman puts an average of 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day. 
Children are exposed to an average of 27 personal care product ingredients every day that have been deemed unsafe for kids. 
77% of ingredients in children’s products have not been assessed for safety.  
Want to learn more?  Want to make the switch? Come talk to our staff at any Goodness Me! location to make the switch to natural personal care products!
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