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4 Ways to Improve & Maintain Strong Bones

4 Ways to Improve & Maintain Strong Bones

Your bones are at risk! A large percentage of women have bone loss after age 50 and fewer, though some, men do also. Many don't know it, since there are usually no symptoms until the disease state has progressed a long way. Bone is living, constantly breaking down and rebuilding. Bone health is a result of many important factors.  

Why is bone loss so common? One reason is that there are many 'anti-nutrients' in our diet: excess salt, caffeine, processed foods, refined grains, sugar and chemical toxins. A second reason is a deficiency of nutrients for building bone - high quality, absorbable calcium, yes, but also more than a dozen other bone-building nutrients, such as magnesium, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, boron, and others that are needed to rebuild bone strength. A third common reason for unhealthy bones is excessive stress; simply put, stress drains bone.  

Let's consider each of these in turn. The diet must be the foundation on which we build our health, and that includes healthy bones. Whole, fresh, natural food - organic whenever possible - are the best components for revitalization: lean and clean proteins from fish, turkey, chicken, eggs, lean beef, legumes, nuts and seeds, soy and whey proteins is the first part of the foundation. Enjoy a variety of protein - some with each meal. Add to that at least five servings of vegetables daily - including some dark green leafy ones - plus some fruits. Choose a variety of colours and flavours.  

Eliminate refined grains and sugar, and instead choose legumes, nuts and seeds, starchy vegetables like beets or squash, and a moderate amount of real whole grains such as brown rice, barley soup, or non-instant oatmeal.  

Bones are built through proper nutrition - not only calcium, but also all the bone-building nutrients - minerals especially. (Depleted soils are lacking the vitality to produce the healthiest foods - one reason why choosing organically grown foods is a great idea.) We need optimum amounts of calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, silica, and more, as well as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, and others to build strong bones. Being optimally nourished with these bone-building nutrients, is a key to bone health.  

Stress comes in several forms, including nutritional, toxic, and lifestyle stress. When we are overstressed, the adrenals may become depleted, and because the adrenals manage our mineral balance, that can lead to bone loss. Supporting the adrenals with adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, and panthothenic acid can make a big difference. As well, avoid sugar, an anti-nutrient. Develop a positive attitude, and add in exercise/weight resistance program, and you have a lifestyle that supports bone health.  

Healthy bones are not built with calcium alone. A complete range of important bone nutrients; the foundation of a healthy diet; adrenal support if needed; plus an active lifestyle, together will give us the tools we need to begin tackling this important issue successfully.  

Remember: The power to change your health is in your hands, and the time to do it is now! - Janet Jacks, Wellness Educator & Founder of Goodness Me!

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