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10 Super Summer Tips & Tricks

10 Super Summer Tips & Tricks

School's almost out, summer's almost here, and you're scrambling to make the most of your upcoming vacation. Don't be caught off-guard by your family's sudden urge to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Follow these ten tips to make this season perfect for you and your family.

1. Put together an all-natural “summer preparedness” kit: Make a little care kit that has everything you’ll need for those occasional (or frequent) summer bumps, scrapes, aches, and pains:

  • Natural Sunscreens: Conventional sunscreen contains chemicals that can be absorbed by the body, which isn’t good! Go with a brand that offers certified organic and chemical-free sunscreens, like Green Beaver, and make sure they're age-appropriate .
  • Bug Bite Relief: Witch Hazel and diluted lavender essential oil can provide you with natural assistance dealing with those itchy mosquito bites.
  • Aloe Vera: Soothe sunburns with this amazing natural product on those days when you sort of, maybe forgot to apply sunscreen!
  • Antiseptics: Great to have when someone scrapes their knee, choose a natural product free of chemicals, like tea tree oil spray.

2. Drink plenty of water: It’s important to drink those 8-10 glasses a day. Summer up that boring glass of water by infusing it with lemon, berries, cucumber, or any of your favourite refreshing fruits or veggies! Get a BPA-free water bottle to stay hydrated on the go.

3. Enjoy the fruits of summer: Make sure you take in the fruit while it’s fresh, local, and readily available! Blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, cherries – get them while they’re good! They also make handy portable snacks for trips, which is probably fairly obvious (after all, many of them come in their own protective casing!)

4. Go organic: Make your fruit, vegetable, and grilling choices the right ones by going with organic, grass-fed, and sustainable options.

5. Take our Summer Lifewatchers class: You shouldn’t just be beach ready – be life ready! The difference between nourishing and harmful foods is important to understand, and the Goodness Me! Lifewatchers program can help you distinguish this difference and change your life! Our Summer Lifewatchers course is two-hour classes held once a week, for 7 weeks instead of the regular 10, at six of our locations around Ontario. It’ll equip you with knowledge and skills that will improve your health and well-being.

Ten Summer Tips and Tricks

6. Find the perfect essential oil: An essential oil can be the perfect way to find relief from allergens, itchiness, and even just the stress of summer plans. Lavender oil is a great summer essential oil (you could call it essential), as it’s perfect for relaxing the mind, soothing burns, and relieving the irritation of bug bites. As well, you can find blends like Pranarom Aromavita 98 specifically designed to relieve the itchiness and inflammation from bug bites. Always use as directed!

7. Get the kids out of the house! Make this summer great for both you and your kids by signing them up for something fun! Get them into baseball, soccer, or even a class like Goodness Me!’s Kids Kitchen Summer Camp!

8. Stop and smell the flowers: Hey, flowers don’t last that long! But really, take time to slow down this summer and enjoy the sunshine. It’s the best way to get much-needed vitamin D!

9. Be safe! Take the right precautions for all your summer activities:

  • Always wear a life jacket when boating.
  • Wear a properly-fitted helmet when riding your bike.
  • Don’t play outside during thunderstorms!
  • Stay hydrated to prevent heatstroke.

10. Get your rest: The long, hot, humid days of summer can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. Make sure you take steps to get the rest you need, and this includes keeping cool, slowing down, and maybe taking the right natural supplement. Melatonin and Valerian are safe, natural supplements that can help you get some sleep when you’re having trouble relaxing.

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