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Essential oil infographic

10 Essential Oils & Their Benefits ( Infographic )

Essential oils have become a hot commodity for many people. They are an amazing way to naturally scent all kinds of do-it-yourself things like bath salts, body butters, and even dry shampoo. Perhaps one of their most pleasing uses is aromatherapy, which uses natural oils from flowers, stems, leaves, and other parts of the plants to enhance wellbeing. Diffusers make aromatherapy easier than ever by allowing you to dilute pure essential oils and enjoy their scents in your home. By scenting your room with essential oils and inhaling their scents, you can actually experience many physiological, emotional, and physical benefits—from better sleep to less anxiety to even feeling more energized.

Essential oils are great but it’s important to use them properly. Pure essential oils are not for oral use. They are generally used for aromatherapy or to mix into personal care recipes, and they usually need to be diluted. Make sure you talk to one of our supplements specialists to find out just how to properly use them.

If you haven’t yet delved into the world of essential oils, we’re here to help. We’re going to list our top 10 favourites for you, as well as their benefits. You can find all of these in pure essential oil form at any Goodness Me! location or purchase online.  Which ones do you use at home? Let us know your favourite!

Click on the graphic below to find out our 10 favourite essential oils and read all about their benefits. For more details check out our ultumate guide to essential oils. 

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