Responsible Farming - Goodness Me!

          Responsible Farming

Authentically local and raised with care!

When it comes to our meat we can assure you we have carefully partnered with farms that have the same set of values that we do!


All our cows are never crammed and have space to move about. Vegetable grain fed, they are never given added growth hormones. Our cows are antibiotic-free or farmers follow a strict high-care policy where cattle is treated, as needed. When it comes to transport, our authentically local beef will spend five hours or less on a truck which is over 30 hours less than industry standards.

We also have a wonderful selection of organically raised beef that is certified by a third party and top-of-the-line, whether burgers, roasts, or steaks!

Our chickens always have room to roam! Free run and antibiotic-free, they are never given added growth hormones. Raised on a vegetable grain blend, our authentically local flocks are free-run or free-range!

If you are shopping with us between May-October, you can enjoy pasture-raised chicken! With access to sunshine and fresh air, these chickens munch on grass and even bugs!

Choose organic for top chicken that is raised free-range, and on a non-gmo organic diet. Enjoy a breast, wing, or leg with piece of mind for you and your whole family.

Let’s just say the swine is fine! Always raised with room to roam, our pork is given a vegetable grain diet and is never given added growth hormones. It is antibiotic-free or farmers follow strict high-care practices if treatment is needed.

Free-run, our turkey is antibiotic-free or farmers follow high-care practices. the birds are never given added growth hormones and enjoy a vegetable grain diet.


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