Responsible Farming - Goodness Me!

Certified Humanely-Raised Meat

When it comes to our meat we can assure you we have carefully partnered with farmers that have the same set of values that we do!


All our cows are never crammed and are free to roam about. Grass-fed, and non-gmo grain finished, they are never given added growth hormones. Our cows are antibiotic-free. AAA Canadian Angus Beef.


Our chickens always have room to roam! Free-range and antibiotic-free, they are never given added growth hormones. Fed a gmo-free vegetable grain diet our chickens are proudly Canadian!

Choose organic for top quality chicken that is raised free-range, and on a non-gmo organic diet.

Always raised with room to roam in the great outdoors, our pork is antibiotic-free and fed non-gmo vegetable grain diet and is never given added growth hormones. Proudly Canadian!

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