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Back-to-School, Kid-Approved Snacks

Back-to-School, Kid-Approved Snacks

It’s just about that time again. Summer is coming to a close, the stores are filled with fresh notebooks and pens, and the kids are grasping to every bit of free time they can before they’re back in the classroom. Back to school time can definitely be hectic, both for the kids and for parents. It’s a whole change in schedule and routine after the lazy, more laid back days of summer, and sometimes getting kids back into that routine can be hard.

But sometimes what’s even harder is, as parents, packing healthy and acceptable lunches for your children. What will they eat? What won’t they like? What’s allowed, and what’s not? It’s finding products that are not only on the allergen-free list, but also are healthy and look like the snacks that other kids might have at school. After all, kids are sensitive and don’t want to feel different from their classmates. Luckily, we have some awesome moms on staff at Goodness Me! who have helped us navigate these tricky waters, and have picked some of their tried-and-true, kid-approved items that not only taste great, but are healthy without your kids even knowing it. Check them out!

Late July Mini Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Crackers: they are identical to Ritz Bits but are made with ingredients you can actually pronounce. Plus, they’re made with real cheddar cheese – which is not something every cheesy cracker snack can claim. They contain no corn syrup, artificial flavours or colours, and no preservatives, making them a healthier choice for your kids. Check them out here!

Zevia Zero Calorie Soda: it’s astounding how many kids bring pop to school now as part of their snack or lunch. They’re filled with sugar, artificial colours, unnatural flavours that are not only unhealthy for your kids, but also send them zinging around the classroom on a sugar high. Not the best for them or for the teacher! Zevia helps you avoid this. They are all natural sodas in the kids’ favourite flavours – even orange, grape, and root beer – but are sweetened with Stevia so they have no sugar added. And all the flavours are real!

Veggie Go’s: Is your kids’ classroom filled with fruit roll-ups? Veggie Go’s look just like them but are made with real vegetables. Berry, Spinach & Apple is a favourite! Each strip contains ½ a serving of fruit and ½ a serving of veggies, and has less than 1/3 of the sugar of leading fruit strips. They have no added sugar and are sweetened with the natural fruits and veggies they have in them. Try them out with your kids!

Black River Cheese Curds: WAY better than cheesestrings because they’re real—and super fun to eat! They are unpressed curds used in the production of Black River Cheese’s mild cheddar, and are a great snack food with their smooth, mild flavour. All natural and completely free of any preservatives or artificial flavours or colours!

Hidden Garden Cookies: not only are these cookies delicious, but they have veggies hidden in them! For example, their red velvet cookies get their colour from beets, and there is ¼ cup of beets in each serving! And your kids will probably have no idea. They’re gluten and nut-free, making them school safe, and have 4 great flavours to choose from. Plus, they have no preservatives, or artificial flavours or colours—just high quality ingredients you can feel good about.

Jason’s Kids Only Strawberry Toothpaste: why stop with school snacks? This is actually the only toothpaste one of our employee’s kids will use. It contains soothing ingredients like calendula and organic aloe vera and is free from harmful ingredients found in conventional toothpastes. Plus, it tastes awesome and is totally kid-friendly!


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