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Bacon & Egg Breakfast Pizza with Salsa

Bacon & Egg Breakfast Pizza with Salsa

Pizza for breakfast... Yes, we said pizza for breakfast! While this isn't something you should eat on the reg, it's great for a weekend treat or a culinary masterpiece if you're serving guests in the morning.  

The stars of this pizza are the toppings--not the crust. So, you could use any crust you wanted to make it suit your dietary and health needs. Whether that means a store bought spelt flour or gluten free crust, or a homemade cauliflower or almond flour crust, the choice is yours--be creative and make something that will make your body happy and healthy.

For this recipe, we used an 8" spelt flour crust and it was delish. Whichever you choose, we would suggest a thin crust for this recipe to really make the topping flavours shine!  

So about those toppings... bacon. Eggs. Cheese. Salsa. Everything delicious about a breakfast meal, piled onto a pizza for your tastebud pleasure. When choose eggs, reach for free run, free range, organic and pastured to ensure you're getting the highest quality. You can actually see the difference--crack open an organic or free run egg vs. a conventional one. The shells on the free range / organic eggs are thicker, the yolk is bigger, and a rich, deep yellow colour compared to the pale yellow of conventional. Don't eggs have cholesterol, though? Shouldn't we avoid them? Eggs have good cholesterol and the yolk offers lots of healthy saturated fats and fat-soluble vitamins that can contribute to cardiovascular benefits, immune function, and brain health. Eat up!  

And the bacon? Choose naturally raised, antibiotic and hormone free slices with no additives. We have a number of options in store to choose from. For the cheese, we used organic raw milk cheddar. Raw milk cheese is easier to digest than regular dairy, since it becomes lactose-free in the cheese-making process. Raw cheese is also high in lactic acid, beneficial for a healthy digestive system, and contains enzymes and probiotic bacteria that further improve gut health. Plus, raw cheeses offer even more healthy fats. A win-win!  

So without further ado, here is the much-anticipated Breakfast Pizza with top quality, nutritious ingredients. Let us know what you think!  

8" pizza crust of your choice
1/2 cup salsa
3 pieces bacon, cooked and cut in half
1/4 cup raw cheddar cheese, finely grated
1 egg*
*Optional: add up to 4 eggs if you wish!  

Spoon the salsa over the pizza crust and sprinkle cheese overtop. Arrange strips of bacon along the outer edge of the crust. Put on a pan in the oven at 350F for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, fry the egg in butter or coconut oil until the egg is cooked but the yolk is still soft. Remove from heat. When the pizza is done, remove from oven and carefully add the egg to the middle of the pizza without breaking the yolk. Return the pizza to the oven for another 1-2 minutes and remove. Allow to cool a bit, and cut the pizza into 4-6 pieces, breaking the yolk. Enjoy!

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Katie Mitton - March 1, 2016

Hi Darleen, you can definitely make the Bacon & Egg pizza gluten free by using a gluten free crust! We like to provide all options for people :) hope this helps!

Darleen Hopkins - March 1, 2016

How about a gluten free recipe for the above. I thought that is what Goodness Me believes is more healthy.

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