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3 Delicious Gifts From Our Eatery: Cookies, Granola & Pies!

3 Delicious Gifts From Our Eatery: Cookies, Granola & Pies!

If you’re looking for some unique gifts this holiday season, or just something to take home and enjoy for yourself, our eatery has some great creations that make thoughtful gifts (or treats). Who doesn’t love cookies, granola, and pie?  

Homemade just tastes better than store bought—don’t you agree? Well, good news—everything in our eatery and bakery is homemade! Our own staff members create the recipes, put them together, and serve up the delicious foods that you’ve come to love. Real food made by real people—it’s what keeping it local is all about.  

The gifts from our bakery are no exception. And even better, they’re made with the highest standards possible. In our bakery, we use butter; no shortening or margarine. For flour, we make our first choice spelt flour. The salt we use is from the sea: the whole, unrefined, mineral rich kinds. And for sweeteners, we use maple syrup, honey, and cane sugar—all natural, healthy alternatives to refined white sugar. And as with all of our eatery, all of our foods are 100% free of MSG, preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours. All of this boils down to our commitment to you: we are focused on providing you with prepared foods using ingredients of unparalleled quality at pricing that makes sense.  

Want to learn more about our eatery standards? Visit our website here and read all about how we’re changing the world of healthy, prepared foods—one ingredient at a time.  

Now, for our delicious, healthy gifts (or treats for yourself!). You can feel good knowing they were made with care, with quality ingredients, and with your health in mind.  

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar  
This is perfect for the baker in your life—or the person who loves to eat chocolate chip cookies! They go amazing with a cup of hot cocoa or tea, and this gift makes it super easy to whip up warm, gooey, soft-and-chewy homemade chocolate chip cookies. It has all of the dry ingredients pre-measured in the jar and ready to mix. Our Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar uses light spelt flour and cane sugar for healthier, more easily digested options, and includes chocolate chips for the perfect touch of sweetness. To make the cookies, all you have to do is empty the contents of jar into a bowl with the wet ingredients (butter, egg, and vanilla), mix everything together, and bake! Voila, healthy, delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies. And you can keep the empty mason jar for packaging up gifts or other dry goods, or taking a smoothie on the go. Check out our Chocolate Chip Cookie Jars at the Goodness Me! nearest you!  

Gluten Free Granola  
Homemade granola is so yummy, and our recipe is no exception. Packaged in a pretty, reusable mason jar with a gift tag, these make great hostess gifts! Our granola is also perfect to have on hand for Christmas morning for a potluck breakfast (delicious mixed with yogurt or kefir). Our granola is made with quinoa flakes, flax seeds, hemp hearts, coconut, raisins, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds—all healthy, nutrient-dense, healthy-fats-packed real ingredients that will nourish your body. It’s sweetened with maple syrup for the perfect taste, and packaged all together ready for you to enjoy. Gluten free, dairy free, and vegan, it’s the perfect healthy treat for anyone.  

Apple Pies  
You’ve probably heard us talk about our homemade apple pies before (head on over to this post for 5 reasons why you should try our homemade apple pies—right now!). People who try our apple pies come back for seconds… and thirds… and fourths. Save yourself the trip back and pick up more than one while you’re here. Why are they so good? They’re made with organic apples—and apples are one of the 12 most contaminated conventional produce items on the market, meaning by choosing organic, you’re making the healthiest choice. Our pies also have only 8 ingredients, including spelt flour and organic raw cane sugar, both of which are healthier options (in fact, our pies have a 100% spelt flour crust!). And we use real butter, for that buttery, melt-in-your-mouth taste and texture. Our apple pie makes the perfect dessert after a dinner party, or a great gift for the sweet tooth in your life.  

Head on over to your nearest Goodness Me! and check out all the homemade goodness our eatery has to offer, including our Chocolate Chip Cookie Jars, Gluten Free Granola, and Apple Pies.  

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