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The Women Behind the Brand

The Women Behind the Brand

Hello, I’m Janet Jacks, the founder of Goodness Me! Natural Food Markets. My obsession with health began in the 70s, when my husband was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes and we were determined to find a solution. This journey led the two of us to found our first store in Hamilton, Ontario in 1981. I had – and still have – a passion to provide knowledge along with practical ways for people to get well, even in the midst of serious challenges.

I’m Tanya, a cancer survivor, busy mother of four, and I founded CanPrev in 2005 to share the passion I developed for natural health during my three separate journeys with breast cancer. I have a desire to make natural medicine safe, effective and accessible to everyone. 

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Our company has not only revolutionized the way that people handle their periods; we’re now part of an incredible movement that’s changing the conversation around periods and bringing issues such as period poverty to the forefront. 


It all started when Richa found it challenging to feed her family good food on busy nights. While growing up in India, she was used to eating fresh home-cooked food. When she became a busy mother, she found it challenging to find prepared shortcuts that met her expectations in terms of ingredients and taste, so she created them herself!

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This vitamin journey began when I was pregnant with my son, Bear. In order to grow the healthiest little human possible, I was already feeding my body with all the clean, nutrition-packed foods but because these babies can be little nutrition vampires I embarked on a quest to find the cleanest prenatal vitamin possible and so I co-founded Mykind Organics.

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Queen of Thrones are a team of wonder women who’ve made it their mission to help others around the world unveil & decode the clues to solving their personal health mysteries.  

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Hi! I’m Suzie, A mom, a triathlete (eleven-time Ironman Finisher), a yogi, marketing executive, and now, on a fierce mission to spread the word that fat is back and sugar is out. I’ve always loved fats, but for years I avoided them... but not any more!

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 I started Joyous Health over a decade ago from a little kitchen with pink painted walls. It began with blogging and sharing my recipes and healthy living inspiration with the world. It may seem simple, but my goal back then was the same as it is today: to inspire people to live healthy, happy lives.

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