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Organika Bone Broth: Your New Favourite Fall-Time Remedy

Organika Bone Broth: Your New Favourite Fall-Time Remedy

Bone broth used to be a major staple of autumnal home-cooked meals, with the "inedible" parts of a roast thrown in a pot and simmered to get the nutrients that would've been tossed with the garbage otherwise. Some people might remember a parent or grandparent taking the time to make bone broth; some people might still be doing it! One thing that hasn’t changed, though: the time it takes to make it.

The bone broth process is intensive, and much of the time, you just don’t have the time! Organika Bone Broth makes it easy to fill in that void if you need a nourishing cup of bone broth in your life, but can’t find the time to prepare it.

What is Bone Broth?

There’s nothing new about bone broth; civilizations from Britain to Japan and everywhere in between have been using the parts of chicken, beef, pig, and fish that we traditionally don’t eat to make nourishing broths. It has a reputation as a healing food in all those culinary traditions, but the only problem is the time it takes to make it!

Traditionally, bone broth is made by the prolonged boiling of the bones to break down the collagen in the bones and releasing the full nutrients to create a savoury stock (bone broth is, in reality, a misnomer, because it focuses on the bones rather than the meat, but the alliteration does sound pretty good!). This takes hours, sometimes as much as a day or two, to get all the goodness which you normally would be missing when eating your roasts. The cleanest bone broths come from grass-fed, organic, and/or pasture-raised meats, and while these were guaranteed back in the day, it's harder to come by nowadays.

The Positive Health Effects of Bone Broth

Bone broth is a popular home remedy for a reason, as it comes with centuries of wisdom, much of which is backed by our scientific understanding of nutrients and minerals. It’s well known as a collagen supplement, and it supplies the body with amino acids like glycine, material you need to repair and maintain your body. The digestive system breaks down the collagen found in the broth into amino acids and turns them into the building blocks the body needs to sustain tissues. This makes it a great supplement of essential acids that help to fortify joints and bones.[i]

It’s not just collagen and amino acids, though: it has a number of minerals that boost the immunity and maintain healthy bones and teeth, and calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous are all found in bone broth. It's an excellent natural supplement for many people who aren't getting enough of these minerals in their diets or would especially benefit from more of them, such as those with arthritis, digestive disorders, and the elderly.

Other benefits come when you’re looking to maintain psychological health, stay full, relieve upper and lower respiratory tract infections, and reduce inflammation through your diet.[ii] Bone broth is an effective appetite suppressant, and people who consume soup or broth before the rest of their meal consume fewer calories overall.[iii] Lab tests have shown that chicken soup – Organika Bone Broth is made with chicken bone – inhibits white blood cells that respond to key inflammatory agents. It’s also effective at increasing the flow of mucus to clear the nasal passages, making it an excellent supplement come cold and flu season.

It’s also been hyped as a great sports drink, by no less than Kobe Bryant, and this is because it’s effective at renewing your fluid balance, reloading your body with important minerals you sweat out in the course of exercise, and helping to recover from injury and ensuring athletes can keep playing their sport longer. It’s great for rehydrating the body after intense workouts, replenishing sodium lost through sweating, and rebuilding muscle tissue.[iv]

Organika Bone Broth

How to Use Organika Bone Broth

Organika Bone Broth comes as a powder, making it an easy source of collagen and protein. It dissolves evenly and quickly into liquids, perfectly accenting other broths and soups and adding extra minerals. It can act as a dietary supplement by itself or added to other liquids: make a broth base if you add to hot water, so you can add bone broth to sauces, stews, smoothies, and even just enjoy it by itself! Brew a mug in the morning or before bed to get an extra big of nourishment to start or end your day.

But what does it taste like? Organika Bone Broth Protein Powder comes in two flavours, Ginger and Original. Ginger makes for a great cup to start your day; Original has a balanced savory flavour profile that comes from organic chicken, but the taste is subtle enough that it won't overpower any other flavour. It’s high in protein, has no carbohydrates or sugar, and is hypoallergenic, non-GMO, and paleo diet friendly! Organika only uses organic sources, so there's no chance of antibiotics or added hormones getting into your broth. See HERE for more products made by Organika. 







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Brock - September 12, 2018

Hi Catherine, you may be able to give some of the plain flavored bone broth to your dog. I would check with your vet first before adding anything new to your dog’s diet.

Brock - May 28, 2018

Hi Rhonda, no need to worry about nutrient loss from boiling water. The bone broth is made from boiling water so all of the nutrients are stable.

Rhonda A Bonneau - May 28, 2018

Hi, Just purchased your original bone broth. Just curious ….. it says on the container to add to hot water to drink. If I added it to boiling water would it kill the nutrients in the bone broth, like honey’s nutrients are killed if water temperature is too high?
Sounds silly but I would just hate to not get all of the nutrients and benefits that this product has to offer.

Catherine - May 28, 2018

Hi, just wondering if it is ok for a dog. Gave my little guy a little bit and he loves it??


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