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Saugeen Yogurt

Saugeen Yogurt

As we all look for ways to use less plastic and take care of our environment, the great folks at Saugeen Country Dairy have found a way to use 40% less plastic in their yogurt containers while still providing strength and stability in their packaging. The outer part of the container is actually paper and can be easily removed, separating the plastic and the paper for recycling. Clever! And 40% less plastic each time I buy their delicious yogurt adds up for me, and then is multiplied by all of you. And it makes a difference. Hurrah for Saugeen! 

This is not all I love about Saugeen Country Dairy. Not at all! They are exceptional! 

  • First, they use bio-dynamic farming methods, a truly holistic farming system, and are officially certified organic by Ecocert Canada. Their superior farming methods take wonderful care of the animals, fuel healthy fertile soil, reduce unnecessary transportation, and take care of us by bringing us the most nutritious yogurt and kefir possible.  
  • Secondly, the milk is not homogenized. That is a process that changes the fats to prevent them from rising to the top. Non-homogenized milk products are easier to digest and better for us. Because they do not homogenize the milk, there is often a thin layer of fat on top. YUM!! 
  • They produce all the milk as well as their yogurt and kefir right on their own farm. They have the quality control in their own hands from start to finished product. Saugeen is a small company, committed to doing things right, and I am so proud of what they do! 
  • No milk protein, skim milk powder, stabilizers or gelatin are ever added to help the yogurt ‘set’  – only fresh organic milk and the fermentation cultures. 
  • The cows have plenty of space and spend their days in the pasture, eating mostly grass, and in the winter, fermented grass. 
  • Whole milk regularly contains 3.25 to 3.5 percent milk fat. You’ll note that Saugeen has 4.1% milk fat, as a minimum (and I bet it runs higher seasonally!). have you ever wondered why??? It’s coming naturally, from their superior diet. I love that extra flavour and goodness, because the fat-soluble vitamins we need are found in that extra fat and coming to us from all the sunshine, grass, and great care the cows get. 
  • Check out the large 1 litre size and compare the value Saugeen provides. Many yogurts are in 700 or 750 ml containers.  Saugeen is not only superior in most every way; it also is very economical.  

Saugeen Country Dairy makes only two products: yogurt and kefir, both fermented milk products that nourish your gut and thereby improve your immunity. Kefir is less known: a consistency lighter than yogurt, but different because of its carbonated nature and characteristic tangy flavor. It’s enjoyed throughout Europe for its unique flavor and health benefits. Kefir means “well being”.  

One of my favourite ways to enjoy Saugeen yogurt is with a scoop of hemp hearts stirred in for their protein and essential fat content, with or without a few blueberries added. I eat this a few times a week, and it keeps me satisfied for quite a while! I also enjoy the yogurt’s creamy goodness on its own. And I like to make mango lassies with either kefir or yogurt as a base; I add frozen mango, a little raw honey, a few drops of stevia, and a bit of water and blend it in my blender. These special drinks are very popular with my grandkids, too. And sometimes, I make yogurt cream cheese from a container of Saugeen yogurt poured into a cheesecloth-lined strainer. If you have my book, Discover the Power of Food, you’ll find the recipe on page 414. Plain (my absolute favourite – so fresh and creamy!) or garlic & parsley, or cinnamon & vanilla, this is a delicious and healthy spread I know you will love! 

When you choose Saugeen, you help them care for the land and the animals in a responsible way. At the same time, you are taking the best care of YOU! 

Saugeen is my choice…why not make it yours? 


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