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MCT Oil: A Buyers Guide

MCT Oil: A Buyers Guide

MCT oil is a supplement that has a variety of health benefits. MCTs – which stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, are fatty acids found in coconut and palm kernel oil. MCT oil is a convenient supplement that adds fatty acids to your diet without altering your routine. Some of the benefits of MCT oil are weight loss, muscle recovery, mental health improvement and it can also help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. MCT oil is most commonly enjoyed in bulletproof coffee, but can even be enjoyed in smoothies or even salad dressings.

In this guide, we will review different MCT oils so that you can find your perfect fit!

Alpha MCT

Alpha Health – MCT Oil

Alpha Health’s MCT Oil is a medium concentration. This is the most commonly used MCT oil. Alpha’s MCT oil is 100% pure, composed of 60% caprilic acid and 40% capric acid. This MCT oil caters to individuals who are interested in weight loss and bodybuilding or if you’re looking to prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Overall, this medium concentration MCT oil satisfies the body’s need for good fats and nutrients without being stored as fat. Enjoy this MCT oil in a bulletproof coffee to start your day energized and focused!

  • Fuels the body and brain
  • Easily metabolized in the liver and converted into energy
  • 100% pure, composed of 60% caprillic acid and 40% capric acid
  • Great supplement for individuals interested in weight loss and body building

Brain octane

Bulletproof – Brain Octane MCT Oil

Bulletproofs Brain Octane MCT Oil is a MCT oil with high concentration. Bulletproofs MCT oil can help individuals reach their peak performance all day – especially with demanding tasks or during intermittent fasting. Bulletproofs MCT Oil should be used as part of a ketogenic or low carb diet. The suggested serving is using 1 teaspoon per day and slowly increasing the dosage. Avoid taking on an empty stomach, as it may result in a stomach ache. This product can be used in C, smoothies, and salad dressings.

  • Supports energy metabolism at the cellular level
  • Quickly and easily absorbed by the body, and not stored as far
  • Does not increase cholesterol
  • Rebalances the yeast in the gut

 MCT powder

Nutiva – Organic MCT Powder

MCT is most commonly in an oil form, but Nutiva offers this popular supplement in a powder form. MCT powder is a creamy alternative to oil – it blends beautifully into beverages and is gentler on the digestive system. This MCT powder still remains low-carb diet and ketogenic friendly because there are zero net carbs. Overall, this product keeps your gut happy and healthy while providing you with the benefits of MCT.

  • Delivers digestible fatty acids that quickly convert to ketones
  • A great alternative to MCT oil
  • 3g of fibre from prebiotic acacia fibre
  • Suggested serving is one 10g scoop

Liquid coconut oil

St.Francis – MCT Liquid Coconut Oil

St.Francis offers a coconut oil with MCT combined. The liquid coconut oil’s main purpose is to be used as a culinary cooking oil. If you want to use the product for medicinal purposes – 5 tbsp. per day is recommended. It can be taken alone or mixed with other foods. This coconut oil stays liquid and non-rancid at room temperature and is in a convenient and easy to use pourable form. Overall, this product is great for individuals who are looking for the benefits of coconut oil / MCT oil in a casual and convenient form.

  • Provides a healthful combination of coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides (MCT)
  • Assists the body in fending off viruses, and bacteria
  • A heart-healthy superfood that helps prevent cardiovascular problems
  • A natural antioxidant

Overall, MCT oil is a great supplement with a variety of health benefits. Weight loss, preventing cardiovascular problems, provides energy, prevents Alzheimer’s and degenerative diseases, and is a natural antioxidant just to name a few! At Goodness Me! We have a variety of MCT oils that will work to improve your meal planning by making it convenient to incorporate those healthy fatty acids into your diet. 

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