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Alpha Health - MCT Boost Vanilla, 355ml

Alpha Health

 Looking for a natural, pre-workout energy boost? Go with Alpha Health Vanilla MCT Boost. These medium chain triglycerides are emulsified and don't need a blender, letting you mix them easily into smoothies and juices, or coffee and tea in place of cream or milk.

  • Emulsified 100% coconut-sourced MCT oil
  • No blender required
  • Non-dairy, sugar-free creamer
  • Mixes easily, no mess, no cleanup
  • Efficiently absorbed and easy to metabolize
  • Provides a source of energy to fuel workouts
  • Ketogenic and Paleo diet friendly
  • Sustainably sourced and orangutan friendly
  • Modified coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides), purified water, gum arabic, vanilla bean flavour, sorbic acid.

  • Start with 1 teaspoon (5 mL) per day and build to tolerated level to avoid stomach upset and/or cramping. Not recommended for cooking.

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