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Weight Loss Wonders: How Jason Lost Over 100 Pounds

Weight Loss Wonders: How Jason Lost Over 100 Pounds

“It saved me.”

Jason Henry was a man in need of answers. Despite being devoted to his gym routine, Jason was still stressed, fatigued, and not losing the weight he needed. He wasn’t feeling better, and he didn’t know why. Exercise is the most important part of losing weight and building a healthy body, right?

He soon learned this wasn’t true. Before Lifewatchers, Jason was under the impression his eating habits were good, but not great, and that a life in the gym was going to help him achieve his body. He thought he knew a lot about clean, healthy diets, and while he knew his could have used some improvement, he wasn’t eating terribly. A week after he joined the Goodness Me! team, he signed up for the Lifewatchers course, with the goal of simply trying to lose the weight that just wouldn’t go. He achieved much more than that.

Jason began Lifewatchers weighing 320 pounds; he ended up losing ten to twelve pounds each week, over fifty in the ten weeks he was in the Lifewatchers program. By living according to the lessons he learned in class, he lost another 65 pounds in the weeks following his last class. Not only did he achieve the weight loss he was looking for – the Lifewatchers class smashed his preconceptions about healthy eating. “I thought I had to eat like a rabbit,” Jason says. “But not only have I been able to eat chicken, fish, and beef, I now know about antibiotics, sprays, and fertilizers to make the best choices.” Before Lifewatchers, Jason believed clean eating was represented by boring, raw veggies, but he learned it’s so much more. Clean eating on a regular basis is about the preparation, too, and it has a powerful healing effect on the body. “Learning about how nutrition and healthier versions has helped my new diet exceed expectations.”

After Lifewatchers, Jason put on some of his former weight. “There’s a point in time when I got comfortable,” he says. “Life hits you, things happen.” When he noticed the pounds coming back, though, he wasn’t in the same mindset as he was before. He had the skills and knowledge to get back into the healthy eating groove. “It’s all about how you take hold – I gained some weight, but I also had the means to do something about it.”

Jason wasn’t just doing this for himself; he has a now 2-year-old child, and he knew he needed to change his life so he could be an active part of her life. The skills to change his life, to understand the healing benefits of food, he found at Lifewatchers. “Temptations happen, rebound weight comes back twice as fast, and often times you don’t even realize it. Lifewatchers’ greatest strength is getting back into a type of mentality to rebound and take control of your life.”

Jason’s three favourite things about Lifewatchers?

1) The information. “Lifewatchers is something I’ll always keep with me. The dietary stigmas I had before were answered during the program.” He, and many others in the classes, got excited about having answers to questions that had plagued them for years, and having their problems solved. It inspired him to do even more.

The ability to use the Lifewatchers principles to help friends and family members was one of Jason’s truly favourite things, and he used what he learned to help his elderly grandmother. She’s noticed the difference, too. “She’s now much more mobile, and is walking without a cane!”

2) The food! “I never, ever used to like salad,” he says. “If you had put a bunch of greens in front of me, I’d have rather pulverized it in a smoothie than eat it raw.” But now, he admits salad tastes fantastic – it’s just all about knowing how to make it! The recipes let people try new things, add new colours to their diet, and inspire people to do more and be creative. It also teaches people that simple can be delicious! His favourite? “Baby spinach with mushrooms and black sesame seeds!”

3) The people. Jason's classmates not only learned along with him, but offered support, solutions, and a general feeling of community. As they progressed and used the healing power of food to change their lives, Jason felt inspiration to work harder and stay the course.

These things – the nutritional knowledge, the skills to make healthy food, and your fellow classmates – make the journey a fun and fulfilling experience. “It’s something achievable, and though you have to put work into it, and though it’s not easy, results will come!”


Our Summer Lifewatchers program also features a Four Week Guarantee! If you’re not satisfied after four weeks, tell us before the fifth and you’ll get all your money back.

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Adriana Mazon - November 26, 2019

I was also a participant in Jason’s class and he was so devoted following the program that we were anticipating each week his next success story. One day that I was at the store I almost didn’t recognized him. We all learned new things and each of us benefited from the classes. Every week was an eye opener as we learned new things like how foods that we were avoiding in our diets are actually good for us or viceversa. I really enjoyed the classes.

Maria - November 26, 2019

I thought I had your recipe for kale salad on my laptop which was on your website last year. Can’t find it. Would be interested in getting the recipe as I now have lots of kale in my garden. Thanks.

Judy Gast - June 22, 2017
I was a participant in Jason’s Class and he was an inspiration to us all! It was fun to watch him lose weight and hear his comments on how he had implemented the concepts we were learning. I enjoy seeing him when I am in the store and hearing about his ongoing progress. Although I was fairly well educated on the nutrition before the course, I was amazed that several common beliefs about nutrition are actually wrong! I made several shifts in my family’s eating habits that have made a significant difference in our overall health and well-being thanks to this course.

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