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Giving Goodness: Five Terrific Teacher Gifts

Giving Goodness: Five Terrific Teacher Gifts

Before you end up with your kids for two weeks, take some time to thank the people who really did you a total solid this year: teachers! Their whole job is to impart onto your children math, science, grammar and all that stuff you could never really wrap your head around. Plus, they take the kids off your hands for 7 hours. It's a pretty terrific set-up.

Here are five amazing healthy and eco-friendly products that will help them relax this holiday season! While we won't think of them as "bribes" per se, these gifts could be used as kind remembrances come January when your child is on the verge of a lengthy detention sentence. 


Wax + Fire Soy Candles

1. Wax + Fire Candles

Not to say anything about your children, but their teacher is definitely going to want to make the most of the holidays. Help them calm down with Wax + Fire candles. These soy candles come in seven delicious scents, ranging from the relaxing (Lavender Mint) to the patriotic (Canadian Maple) to the downright nerdy (Dragon's Blood!).

All of the candles are made in Ontario, handmade from soy, and free of lead, phthalate, and petroleum.



Alter Eco Truffles

2. Alter Eco Truffles

Chocolate will always go over really well. These delicious truffles are a great alternative to the myriad of other sweets the teacher will inevitably receive: Alter Eco truffles are non-GMO, fair trade, and made from organic cacao beans straight from South America.  

Get them in Black (Dark Chocolate) or Velvet (Dark and Milk Chocolate blend) truffles to really make the teachers feel special!  


JOCO Glass Travel Mugs

3. JOCO Travel Mugs

Whether it's because of early mornings setting up the classroom or late nights marking a mountain of papers, many teachers live off coffee. JOCO glass reusable mugs are super stylish, microwave and dishwasher safe, and free of chemical additives. They're made from non-porous borosilicate glass, so even if you can't pronounce it, you'll know the material won't absorb the smells of your coffee.  



Teatulia Teas

4. Teatulia Teas

Teatulia premium organic teas make for a classy, thoughtful gift. It's a premium, certified organic tea that also comes packaged in environmentally-responsible, compostable materials. With favourites like Green and Earl Grey teas in the line, Teatulia will definitely put a smile on their face!


Keep Leaf Carry-All Totes

5. Keep Leaf Carry-All Totes

Sometimes, teachers need a third (or fourth, or fifth) hand for all their school-related stuff. Keep Leaf Carry-All totes have enough space for all that paper, while looking super stylish. It also has side and interior pockets for all the little bits and bobs he or she might be holding on to.

These totes are also made with 100% organic cotton, and will easily replace plastic bags when running all errands.

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