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Five Gifts Busy Moms Actually Want

Five Gifts Busy Moms Actually Want

Are you a busy, overworked mom? Do you know an overworked mom? Is your own mom always on-the-go? The answer to all of these things is yes, yes, and you betcha – just about every mom has too much going on! Between raising kids and taking care of the wide variety of tasks in their schedule, moms are the everyday heroes who, despite not being on the Avengers, do some monumental things that simply have to get done. It doesn’t matter how old you are - children of any age should appreciate that how little time many moms have for themselves, and that most of their lives are devoted to the act of being selfless.

Now that we’ve got you feeling bad, how can you help your overworked mom? Or, if you are the overworked mom, how can you help yourself? Here are five must-haves that will make every mom’s day, and maybe even their decade (depending on how well they can raise a succulent)!


Goodness Me! Bamboo Coffee Mug Fair Trade Coffee


Feel Good Coffee On-The-Go

Every busy mom’s best friend – sorry partners, children, pets and, well, actual friends – is their morning cup of coffee. It’s the power button for a busy day, but not every mom has the luxury of sitting and enjoying their coffee in the morning. If you’re rushing the little terrors to school, going to work, doing groceries, or anything else that takes you out of the home, you’ll want your best friend with you for the ride.

Goodness Me!’s Bamboo Eco Coffee mugs are the perfect companion for all of mom’s adventures. Dishwasher safe and made with 65-75% bamboo fibre (‘cuz mom doesn’t have time to be washing everything by hand), these mugs have a fresh and natural appearance, perfect for those days au naturale is the only fashion available. Best of all, they’re eco-friendly, great for both your mother and Mother Nature!

Don’t forget to include some fair trade coffee to complete the gift! On top of being busy, moms want to set a good example and put a little more good into the world – it’s what they’re good at, after all!


Everyday I'm Brusselin' Tote Bag

Everyday I'm Brusselin' Tote

Moms have to step out in style. The “Everyday I’m Brusselin’” tote bag will help them do just that, without sacrificing either form or function. These gigantic totes are made with durable, 100% cotton canvas, letting mom carry a ton of stuff with ease.* Whether they take it to the farmer’s market, family events, or fill it with organic orange slices for a soccer game, this cheeky tote bag tells everyone that Brusselin’ ain’t no thang for your mom.

Did we mention that this tote bag is huge? Perfect for all that stuff that moms have in their purse - most of it unknown.



Diffusing Good Vibes

In… out… iiiin… ouuut…  sometimes taking time to breathe is harder than you think! For a mom, keeping calm and carrying on during a busy day can be one of the most difficult things to do. One of the best little gadgets for naturally quieting the mind and enjoying the moments of down time is a diffuser. Diffusers are safe, effective tools to use essential oils for creating a calming, peaceful environment in the home.

Essential oils all bring their own unique characteristics (along with a pleasing scent!), and the best way to enjoy them in with a diffuser. Inhaling Lavender, for example, has an immediate calming effect on the mind and is great for dealing with stress and anxiety; peppermint can promote mental clarity; and Roman Chamomile has a soothing floral scent that can help mom sleep soundly through the night.



Succulents - The Plants That Won't Die

A bouquet of flowers is a pretty popular gift for showing appreciation for moms all over the world, but there’s one major problem with the traditional arrangement – it’s going to die. It might start to wilt and die a couple of days after giving, the petals might start to fall off the next day - heck, the bouquet might lose its colour on the drive over! Your mom is too busy looking after you to look after another, rose-scented bunch of children.

There is a better way: succulents! These drought-resistant plants are easy to take care of, look elegant, and still show that you’re thoughtful. The succulents even come in a lovely pot that really tie the whole gift together.


Bath Bomb 

DIY Home Spa

Not everyone can get away. Sometimes, your bathroom is your only escape (of course, most it requires the door to be locked). So if you’re a mom who has been on her feet all day, you’ll probably enjoy grabbing a glass of wine, some delicious chocolate, and a nice, hot soak in the tub. The perfect bath bomb can help her relax and make the most of what little time she has to herself!

Goodness Me! bath bombs are a mix of luxurious, natural ingredients like Epsom salts, essential oils, and even flower petals that will make mom feel like a queen. Her baths should be helping her “Stress Less” and become a part of her “Bedtime Routine”, and since our bath bombs have those names, they should do the trick!



*not a literal ton – like we said, mom’s not a member of the Avengers, don’t make her carry 2,000 pounds!


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