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April 23 Radio Podcast: A Healthy Way to Detox

April 23 Radio Podcast: A Healthy Way to Detox


 Emily Garyfalakis talks with Blair Azure, founder of Annanda Chaga, about what makes the chaga mushroom so beneficial. It has a variety of different healing enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and constituents that have a profound overall effect on our health, including helping with stress, sleep, clarity of mind, detoxification, and more. 

Emily and Janet also spend some time talking about healthy detoxification with diet and some supporting tips that are important to remember if you are embarking upon a detox. They also talk about intermittent fasting: the idea of fasting for a period of time to give your body a rest and increase metabolism. Learn how to do this safely and effectively!

Products Mentioned: Annanda Chaga, St. Francis All Season Detox Kit

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