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10 Helpful Tips to Makeover Your Mood

10 Helpful Tips to Makeover Your Mood

February is often a time when people can get down or experience low, anxious moods. Here are 10 helpful tips to help you avoid the February slump, and stay happy all month long!  

Do you get stressed easily? Ever wonder how to just be happy without worrying about things? Though it may sometimes seem impossible, a calm and stress-free mind is easily attainable. Here are some tips to help you achieve relaxation, both physically and mentally.  

1. Do some deep breathing. You’ll be surprised at what oxygen can do to refresh your mind and calm you down. Also, simply concentrating on breathing in and out slowly and deeply can boost your mood.  

2. Get up and exercise! Physical activity is an amazing stress reducer (not to mention the many other health benefits it carries!  

3. Schedule some “me” time. Whether it’s a bubble bath, a good book, or your favourite music that mellows you out, make time for it!  

4. Focus on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. They provide nourishment and are very balancing, whereas refined foods, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol put extra stress on the body.  

5. Go to bed when your body tells you it’s time. If you fight off the initial fatigue in the evening, your body will produce more cortisol (the stress hormone that helps to wake us up in the morning). This causes both physical and mental stress. Bottom line: tiredness = grumpiness.  

6. Oats are a nourishing tonic to the nervous system, and they have the ability to reduce stress and fatigue while promoting relaxation.  

7. Get extra nutrients! Vitamin C, B5 (pantothenic acid) and magnesium are all critical to the proper functioning of the adrenal glands, which are responsible for regulating our stress response.  

8. Consider trying yoga or meditation. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, simply doing a yoga class or meditating can make you forget your worries and put your mind (and body) at ease.  

9. Enjoy yourself. Don’t always get caught up in trying to get things done; take a moment to enjoy the day and the people you’re with.  

10. Don’t forget to smile. It’s contagious, and making others happy will make you happy, too!   Don't forget to sign up for our great email newsletter here to stay in the know with health tips and deals!

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