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8 New Ways to Try Pomegranate

8 New Ways to Try Pomegranate

This week at Goodness Me!, we are celebrating pomegranates. It’s their time to shine right now, and we have 8 new ways for you to incorporate this amazing fruit into your life! We also have an email newsletter that you should sign up for here to get more health tips!  

The pomegranate is, in our humble opinion, an underrated fruit. When was the last time you had one in your house, or enjoyed its delicious flavour? Besides having the highest antioxidant value of all fruits, pomegranates also have immune supporting effects, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and are also heart healthy. Like the sounds of all of those benefits? Here are 8 new ways to incorporate pomegranates into your life!  

Bare Pomegranate Cranberry Mixer  
Perfect for the holiday season, this is an all-natural drink mix that is ready for you to create delicious concoctions. Made with water, real fruit juice and flavour, and sweetened with agave, it’s a lot healthier than other mixers on the market and contains much fewer calories. You can shake up this fruity mix with your favourite alcohol or enjoy it on its own – its flavour profile is sweet enough that it doesn’t need any help! Check out all the Bare Mixers in-store.  

Bucha Raspberry Pomegranate Kombucha  
Kombucha is an excellent drink to enjoy all year round, but especially when your digestion needs a little help (like around the holiday season). Kombucha is a beneficial fermented drink, and fermented foods help contribute to healthy gut flora, improving digestion and overall gut health. Try Bucha Raspberry Pomegranate kombucha for all these benefits, plus a hit of the antioxidant power of pomegranates.     

Botanique Neem & Pomegranate Toothpaste  
Okay, so this isn’t something you eat, but it does help benefit oral health! This unique toothpaste provides you with a mouth full of freshness while giving you a burst of exotic flavours. The neem gives this formula its sparkle, and the pomegranate helps to promote healthy gums, while also soothing and toning. You’ll love the flavour and the results. Pick it up for the holidays here!  

Pur Pomegranate Gum  
While we’re on the topic of oral hygiene, why not pick up a pack of Pur Pomegranate Gum? This gum is a completely aspartame-free alternative to regular chewing gum and is sweetened with xylitol, nothing unnatural. It offers a tangy burst of pomegranate infused with a cooling mint sensation for the best of both worlds. This makes a great stocking stuffer!  

Sahale Pomegranate Vanilla Cashews  
If these don’t sound like a complete dream to you … we need to have a chat. Whole roasted cashews. Dried apples and pomegranate. Pure vanilla bean. That combination is a holiday dream come true! This delightful mix makes the perfect sweet and salty combination to put out for your guests to enjoy, or for you to munch on over the holidays. Sahale makes a line of great nut and fruit blends – check them all out to find your favourite.  

Navitas Natural Pomegranate Powder  
All the benefits of pomegranates in a powder form! Navitas Naturals Pomegranate Powder is made by carefully removing and juicing the nutrient-rich seeds from premium, organic pomegranate fruit, a sacred food that has been cherished around the world for thousands of years. This pomegranate powder consists of 100% real fruit and has a sweet flavour that is easily added to a variety of recipes, especially during the holiday season. Or, try it in a smoothie!  

Stash Cranberry Pomegranate Tea  
The perfect blend of two holiday superfoods – pomegranate and cranberry. This tea is a blend that is festive in both taste and colour! The natural cranberry and pomegranate flavours give this tea a cheery taste, and it’s both sweet and tart in flavour for an appealing, special relaxing beverage. It also includes hibiscus and rooibos for an even more powerful flavour hit. This is sure to be a favourite with family and friends this holiday season.  

Last but certainly not least – pomegranates themselves! The seeds make a delicious sweet treat and can be incorporated into recipes like drinks, floating pomegranate seeds and cranberries, baked goods, trail mixes, and even to top salads. Or, enjoy them on their own as a powerhouse snack.  

However you choose to enjoy pomegranates this season, give them a try. They’ll soon become one of your favourite fruits!  

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