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Coffee with Coconut Oil: You Gotta Try It!

Coffee with Coconut Oil: You Gotta Try It!

If you're wondering how to take your coffee to the next level, we've got a recipe you have to try: Coffee with Coconut Oil, otherwise known as lifeproof Coffee.  

You may have seen this floating around your social media platforms the last little while, so we thought we would share a tried-and-true recipe that you will love. This makes an absolutely delicious, creamy cup of coffee and is a great way to transition away from using dairy products in your coffee. We use butter ghee in our recipe, making it anti-inflammatory and safe for anyone avoiding dairy because it does not contain any milk solids. Our head chef, Sandy Pomeroy, has this to say:  

"It is absolutely delicious and is an excellent way to get rid of cream.  Honestly this is the best coffee I have ever had.  I teach it in my classes and they love it.  You gotta try it!"

Without further ado, we give you our recipe!

1 cup brewed Fair Trade Organic Coffee
1 tbsp. coconut oil or butter ghee

Click here for the: Ghee, and coffee we recommend :)

Place your brewed coffee in the blender. Add the coconut oil/butter ghee. Hold the lid down with a tea towel and blend. Pour the creamy mixture into your favourite coffee mug and enjoy!

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Debra Daniel - January 11, 2019


Thank you for coffee recipe, I really really like the way you explained it, Me and my family this coffee so i’m going to try this one in upcoming weekend where we set together once in a week so this will be amazing can you please tell me if i use persian saffron in it ? this will be perfect or not give me some suggestion


theresa scott - March 1, 2016

I love this I have been drinking it for months now and good in tea

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