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Janet's Top 9 Homeopathic Remedies

Janet's Top 9 Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies work with your body to heal and soothe a variety of ailments. Take a peak into Janet Jacks' Homeopathic First Aid Kit to find out what you should have on hand!  

Homeopathic remedies travel well not only because they work fast and are so effective, but also because they are not affected by temperature and take up little space. Here are some remedies to have on hand at home, and also perhaps when traveling or at your workplace; you will be glad you did.  

ARNICA: the most important remedy, it can be used for any injuries, sprains, bruises, falls, shock, or surgery. Available orally or as a cream!  

TRAUMEEL OINTMENT: use this externally for any pain, whether from sports injuries, trauma, or arthritis. This speeds healing and reduces swelling and inflammation.  

LEDUM: a useful remedy for any puncture wounds, as well as for insect bites (really a type of puncture wound). Mozi-Q is a great product that helps as well.  

APIS: very effective for any burning, stinging pain with redness and swelling, including insect bites. This has also proved lifesaving for respiratory emergencies cause by sudden swelling of the throat, helping to buy time to reach emergency help at the hospital. Note: it does not replace your EpiPen or medical attention.  

RHUS TOX: helpful for poison ivy, this will help relieve itching quickly.  

CANTHARIS: A burn remedy that is recommended after a day of high exposure to the sun’s rays.  

ACONITE: a great remedy for the first stage of a cold, especially after wind exposure. If you have small children, keep aconite on hand for croup. It is the first remedy and often the only one needed for quick relief. Aconite is also helpful after a frightening experience.  

FERR PHOS: an excellent remedy for fevers, the first stage of colds, or any inflammation. An adjunct for other remedies.  

RESCUE REMEDY: any time you feel you need rescuing, take this. Great for agitated pets, too.

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