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Sandy's Tried & True Way to Cook the Perfect Turkey

Sandy's Tried & True Way to Cook the Perfect Turkey

Everyone has their own methods of how to cook the perfect turkey. We looked to our head chef and recipe extraordinaire, Sandy Pomeroy, to tell us the real tried-and-true method for the perfect turkey, every time. Her secret is revealed!  

The turkey is the main attraction of the Thanksgiving meal. Making sure it turns out flavourful, moist, and so delicious is important to many people. One thing to help with this is to make sure you get an organic or naturally raised turkey. The animals have been treated humanely and have been allowed to roam freely and eat a natural diet. The resulting flavour is amazing! We have fresh and frozen turkeys at Goodness Me! - check out the location nearest you.  

Our head chef and Lifewatchers instructor, Sandy Pomeroy, shared her tips on how to cook the perfect turkey this Thanksgiving. Give it a try and let us know what you think!  

This is how I cook my turkey – doesn’t mean it’s the right way, but it works for me!  

Take thawed turkey out of bag and wash. Pat dry with paper towels. Remove giblets and neck. Spoon stuffing into turkey and place turkey (breast-side up) into roasting pan. Put giblets and neck on bottom of roasting pan and cover turkey with foil. Bake at 425ºF for ½ hour. Reduce heat to 325ºF. (Allow about 20 minutes per pound.) About every 45 minutes, drain juices off turkey. Reserve the drippings. Turkey is done when thermometer reaches 180ºF for stuffed turkey (170ºF for an unstuffed turkey) or when juices run clear.   Remove turkey to a large platter. Cover with foil, wrap in a large towel and let sit for 1 hour before dinner. Remove stuffing and cut turkey. Prepare gravy.  

To prepare gravy: In a glass jar combine ½ cup spelt flour with 1 cup water and 1 tsp. Herbamare. Shake extremely well. Place roasting pan over medium heat on stovetop. Let juices darken and add vegetable water. Stir, removing drippings from bottom of pan. Stir in reserved turkey juices (skim off fat first). Bring up to the boil and start adding in flour mixture. Whisk vigorously until gravy thickens.  

Letting the turkey rest for an hour in a thick towel makes the turkey so moist, that you will never want to skip this step!  

- Sandy Pomeroy

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melodey grayer - January 7, 2018

Hello Sandy, I attended your Grain-free Goodness event yesterday, in Barrie and was inspired by your talk. I have been G.F. for 6 years and starting today, am working toward being grain-free, thanks to you and your book.
As a side note, I am also an island girl (on the north shore) and noticed in your book that you also have roots on PEI..
I look forward to making all your recipes and maybe we’ll meet again someday. All the best, Melodey.

Katie Mitton - October 5, 2016

Hi Janet, we definitely do season it a bit in the eatery, but the flavour is just so delicious from a naturally raised turkey. You can feel free to ask our eatery staff for details! So glad you enjoy it.

Janet - October 2, 2016

Hi, The other day I bought the ready-to-eat take-out turkey with mashed potatoes and cranberries and it was very delicious! Would you know what spices were used on the turkey or was the flavour a result of it being an organic or naturally raised? We would love to try and serve a turkey that tastes like the one from Goodness Me! Thank you. Janet

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