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5 Great Ways to Escape City Limits & Get Outdoors

5 Great Ways to Escape City Limits & Get Outdoors

Do you ever dream of getting healthier, eating well and exercising? It will be so great, strengthening your muscles, enhancing your heart health, maybe even losing a few pounds. But wait… there’s just one problem. You can’t imagine setting foot in a gym. Fret not, my friend! You can reach all of those goals, and more… no gym necessary. There are countless ways to be physically active and get that exercise, sans fitness facility.  

Because it is spring and that beautiful weather is creeping up on us (creep away!), let’s talk about all the great things we can do outdoors. Exercise and vitamin D? Yes please.  

Did you know that Hamilton has a record number of natural waterfalls? Well, now you do. One hundred and twenty-six to be precise. We’ve been called the Waterfall Capital of the World, and with good reason I would say. Visit some (or all!) of these and walk along the paths that often accompany them. Experience our beautiful city while getting healthy.  

Bike paths and trails
Speaking of paths, there are many of those to experience too. Walk, jog, rollerblade, or ride your bike at whatever pace is right for you.  

You know that mountain we have? Otherwise known as the escarpment? Well, with it comes many flights of stairs that allow pedestrians to get from the bottom to the top, and vice versa. Stair climbing is such a great workout, both for your muscles as well as your cardiovascular system.  

Join a walking/running group
A great motivation for getting fit is being part of a group. Check out the many that your city offers, such as the Running Room and Runner’s Den.  

Switch up your method of transportation
Whether you enjoy getting fit in a group setting or exercising solo, the world outside the gym has something for you.

Experiment with the ideas above, or try some of your own, and see what works best for you. Once you’ve found your thing, do it up! Remember, exercise should equal enjoyment. The key is to simply get moving, in whatever way makes you happy.

Finally, having an exercise buddy increases your chances of success in the getting-healthy department. You can motivate each other and be accountable to one another, not to mention experience all those awesome city offerings together.

Of course, there are also the same old tips that you’ve heard time and time again… but that’s because they work. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator where possible, and park your car far away from your destination, causing you to get an extra walk in. With this beautiful weather, we are running out of excuses to drive everywhere. (Unless you work in Toronto and live here; that I will accept. :)) Walk, rollerblade, or bike if possible… even once per week.

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