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5 Reasons Why the Diva Cup Will Change Your Life - And Your Health

5 Reasons Why the Diva Cup Will Change Your Life - And Your Health

Calling all women: it's time to meet your new best friend and change your health, your life, and your planet for the better! How, you might ask?  

Introducing the Diva Cup, an amazing product that women all over the world are raving about (and men--read a testimonial here!). Having just had the tax removed on feminine hygiene products at the beginning of July, we thought it would be a great time to introduce and share what we know about one of the healthiest options for dealing with "that time of the month", and the Diva Cup is going to be our number 1 highlight.   Though it has been on the market and available at Goodness Me! (and our online store here) for years, Diva Cup is starting to get more recognition and use as women are becoming more informed and careful about their options for their menstrual cycle. There are, of course, many options out there to choose from, but we believe Diva Cup to be the best choice for a number of reasons, including:  

1. It doesn't mess with your hormones. While we primarily think of the birth control pill or IUD (intrauterine device) as contraceptives, these methods are often also chosen to help regulate or lessen the severity of menstrual cycles. However, both methods can have a negative impact on your hormone levels, causing things like mood swings or low mood, skin disruptions such as acne or rashes, weight gain, low libido, and other more complicated risk factors such as blood clots or stroke. The Diva Cup offers a hormone-free alternative that helps keep your cycle manageable!  

2. It's environmentally friendly. Did you know that approximately 20 billion disposable sanitary pads and tampons fill North American landfills annually? And guess what? They are not biodegradable or eco-friendly. They will sit in landfills for years, creating tons of waste. Diva Cups, on the other hand, are reusable bell-shaped cups that are environmentally responsible. They contain no chemicals and produce no waste. By switching to the Diva Cup, you could save up to 150kg of waste in sanitary products in your lifetime. Go green!

  3. It's better for your health. Not only does the Diva Cup not affect your hormone levels, but it's also a much safe alternative than tampons. Tampons, when not made with certified organic cotton, are produced with chemicals, toxins, or other dangerous substances that can have serious impacts on your health, from contributing to your total overall toxic burden (affecting hormone levels, mood, weight, metabolism, liver function, and more) to developing Toxic Shock Syndrome, a potentially fatal condition. Diva Cups are completely chemical free, won't contribute to your body's toxic load, and do not contain any latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalates, elastomer, polyethylene, or colours and dyes. It's completely safe for your body and your health!  

4. It saves you money! Think about how much money you spend on pads and tampons in a year. Now, multiply that by the number of years you'll be menstruating (the average menstruation span is 41 years). Let's have some fun with math. If the average cycle is 5 days, and most women use at least 4 hygiene products each day, that's about 20 products a cycle. 12 cycles for 41 years = 492 cycles x 20 products per cycle = 9840 products in the average woman's menstruating life. If a pack of 50 tampons costs about $12, that's nearly $2500 spent on feminine hygiene products. The alternative? A Diva Cup costs about $45 (you can get it online here) and one cup will last for at least one year, up to multiple years if you care for it properly. The bottom line? You'll save at least about $700-800 on personal hygiene products--and potentially almost $2000! (Not to mention the time saved, environmental impact, health...)  

5. It works. This is really the bottom line. It works for marathon runners, as you can see here. It works if you're traveling in the hot hot desert (check out the story!). It works for everyday people who are constantly on the go. And it will work for you, too. The Diva Cup offers 12 hour leak-free protection, meaning you don't have to change it each time you use the washroom. It's convenient, durable, and allows you to live your normal life--from exercising and swimming to bring on-the-go or traveling, it's got you covered. Plus, users have even said that it shortens their cycle and helps with cramping.   We could go on and on about the benefits... no more uncomfortable or painful tampons; no more feeling like you're wearing a diaper or being afraid of leaks; no more fearing the water when it's that time of the month, or worrying about your health or the environment--it's a solution from every angle. Still don't believe us? Check out this glowing testimony!  

Dear DivaCup,

I am in love!

I was buying baby food in a health food store and stumbled upon The DivaCup. I am so happy I did. I had never heard of a menstrual cup before. It was a completely foreign concept to me, but one that I immediately warmed to learn about. I have always hated tampons; I find them uncomfortable. I always feel like they are poking me and drying out my vagina, but I liked them better than pads. Using pads ends with menstrual fluid roaming around all over the place and a general feeling of moistness. So, I bought a DivaCup, on the spot, and anxiously awaited my next period. It recently arrived! And I ADORE my DivaCup.

It makes managing menstrual fluid so much more comfortable and tidy! The DivaCup makes dealing with heavier periods SO MUCH easier. Really. I am so happy to have peace of mind regarding my method of birth control and feminine hygiene.

Most importantly, Diva Cup takes the time and energy to educate women about their body, and about options. Check out their website for all kinds of information relating to your health so you can make a healthy, informed decision.

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