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5 Healthy Picks to Liven Up Your BBQ!

5 Healthy Picks to Liven Up Your BBQ!

Are you planning on having a BBQ this weekend? Or maybe you're attending one, and not sure what to bring? We've got 5 amazing ideas for you that will take your BBQ from good to great!  

Sometimes the thought of a BBQ can bring to mind thoughts of potato chips, sugar-filled condiments, and meats that contain hormones, antibiotics, and fillers... not the healthiest of menus. But there are lots of ways to make BBQs healthier, and we have 5 great products to help you get there!   Check out our 5 healthy BBQ picks to get some goodness for your grill--and enjoy the amazing flavour of these all natural items!   

1. Organicville Ketchup: Did you know that conventional ketchups are sweetened with refined white sugar, or high fructose corn syrup? No thank you! Instead, reach for this organic ketchup that's sweetened with agave, which is a healthier sweetener option! It's also made with real organic pureed tomatoes--not tomato concentrate, like most conventional ketchups. You'll taste the difference real food makes! Learn more about this ketchup here.  

2. L'ancetre Cheeses: These cheeses are a far cry from the processed single cheese slices that used to top burgers! L'ancetre is a Canadian company that prides itself on making organic, real cheeses that contain real ingredients--no processed chemicals or artificial colours or flavours. In fact, some of their cheeses are even raw and lactose free, meaning they are easily digestible, even for those who have issues with dairy, and are a source of probiotics. It's like topping your burger with vitamin K&D (from the dairy) and fermented goodness (from the probiotics)--but in a delicious way!  

3. Mark's Nearly Famous Sausages: Once you taste these sausages, you won't go back. While many conventional sausages contain process meat with antibiotics and hormones, as well as fillers and even sugar, Mark's Nearly Famous Sausages are 100% real. Made with real pork, spices, and water, you won't find anything artificial or processed in these delicious sausages--and no antibiotics or hormones, either. Try Honey Garlic, Country, or Hot--or all three!  

4. Amazing Dad's BBQ Sauce: You might think BBQ sauce is a necessity at a BBQ... and we agree! But did you know that most BBQ sauces have over 15g of sugar in a serving? In fact, sugar is the first ingredient on the list! They also have thickeners and other sweeteners added to create the desired taste. Definitely not real food! The alternative? Amazing Dad's BBQ Sauce! Sweetened with natural honey instead of refined sugar, and made with organic spices and all natural flavours, you won't find anything you can't pronounce in this amazing BBQ sauce. Real ingredients that you would find in your pantry... now that's a BBQ sauce worth talking about!  

5. Solar Raw Ultimate Kale Chips: Ditch the bag of greasy potato chips and reach for these healthy and delicious kale chips instead. Most potato chips have ingredient lists as long as your arm--and with words you can't even pronounce. Kale chips, on the other hand, are made with real kale and real seasonings for a real whole food product. Solar Raw kale chips are raw, gluten free, vegan, and family owned and operated--just like Goodness Me! Made with as little as 8 ingredients, including Himalayan salt, fresh veggies, cashews, and apple cider vinegar, you can feel good about this crunchy snack. Bring a bunch to your next BBQ and watch as people devour them! Check out some flavours here.

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